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Wedding photography is an art, and we are constantly experimenting with different techniques and trends to capture that perfectly authentic shot.  A wedding photography trend everyone is talking about in 2023 is the use of motion blur.  It’s like adding a dash of magic to your wedding photos. Although We’ve been using motion blur in our photography for over a decade, it’s only in recent years that this trend has exploded in popularity amongst the wedding photography community. Motion blur is a technique that adds a sense of movement to still images. It creates a dramatic and romantic effect.  Almost as though the couple is in a world of their own. It’s perfect for capturing the raw emotions and movement that make weddings so special. Imagine the bride’s veil fluttering in the breeze as she walks towards her partner. Or, the groom’s hand reaching out to hold his partner’s hand in a passionate embrace.  Motion blur captures these moments with an authentic and dramatic effect that truly tells the story of the couple’s love.

Elements to achieve Wedding Photography Motion Blur trend:

As a bride, if you love this style of imagery, you can play a significant role in incorporating motion blur photography into your wedding day.


One of the key elements that you can incorporate into your wedding to accomplish the trend of motion blur photography is a flowy, long dress. The flowy nature of the dress allows for a sense of movement and motion.  It creates an ideal subject for this photography technique. When you walk down the aisle, your dress will move with you.  As a result, it creates a blur effect in the background while highlighting your beauty and grace. A dress that is too stiff or structured may not achieve the desired effect. So, it is essential to choose a dress that has the right amount of flow and movement.


Another aspect to take into consideration is incorporating a soft wedding veil. A soft veil adds movement and flow to your look that translates beautifully in motion blur. As you move or turn your head, the veil will follow, when photographed this creates motion and results in a dynamic look. A long veil, preferably one that extends past the length of your dress, is ideal as it has more space for the veil to trail and flow.


Your footwear choice can also impact the effect of motion blur photography. High heels and pointed shoes may restrict your movement, limiting the flow of your dress. Consider wearing a block heels or any kind of shoes that are comfortable enough for you to walk/run around and to help you move around freely. Shoes with ankle straps can also create movement and add interest to your wedding photos.


Another element to consider is the location of the your creative. Outdoor locations with lots of space, are ideal for motion blur photography as they provide ample room for you to move and for the background to blur. Indoor locations can also work, but it is important to choose a location with enough space and natural light to achieve the desired effect.


Motion blur photography is a stunning technique that can create a sense of energy and movement in your wedding photos. I think it’s a trend that has been around for a long time and here to stay.  By incorporating a flowy, long dress, a soft wedding veil, comfortable shoes and and location, you can achieve this effect and create stunning, timeless photographs.


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