Don’t Miss Out on the Toronto Mango Photo booth!

Have you experienced the Mango Photobooth yet?! We are available all over the city of Toronto.  It’s a super unique, larger-than-life photo booth experience where you can cram as many people as you can fit unlike any other photo booth in Toronto! It’s completely self-operated (with an attendant on standby) so you can take your own photographs but still receive professional image quality and it’s a ton of fun!!

Don’t forget to check out our cool variety of ready-made photo booth backdrops below. Backdrop and matching props are included in the photo booth pricing. We also have standard black and white backdrops available. We can also create a TOTALLY custom backdrop for your event! The sky is the limit people! Whatever you can dream up we can create (customized texture, colour, and style to match your event.)

Email us at or call 416-366-4723 to book a mango photobooth for your next event.

The Carny

lineToronto_Photobooth_Toronto_Photobooth_carny(2) Toronto_Photobooth_carny(3)line

The Goldie

line Toronto_Photobooth_ (1)Toronto_Photobooth_goldie(2) Toronto_Photobooth_goldie(3)line

The Pizzaz

lineToronto_Photobooth_pizzaz(4) Toronto_Photobooth_-Pizzaz(2) Toronto_Photobooth_-Pizzaz(3)


The Holiday

line  Mango-studios-holiday-photobooth-002 Mango-studios-holiday-photobooth-004Mango-studios-holiday-photobooth-001 line

The Classy


Toronto_Photobooth_ (7)Toronto_Photobooth_classy(2) Toronto_Photobooth_classy(4)


Pink Party


Toronto_Photobooth_pink(1) Toronto_Photobooth_pink(2) Toronto_Photobooth_pink(3)line

Classic White


Photobooth-Black-and-white-008 Photobooth-Black-and-white-010Photobooth-Black-and-white-007 Photobooth-Black-and-white-006


Classic Black


Photobooth-Classic-Black002 Photobooth-Classic-Black004 Photobooth-Classic-Black003 Photobooth-Classic-Black001


The Booth


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