Desert Engagement Session in California

When you think of the desert, images of tumbleweeds and Hollywood western movies might first come to mind; Clint Eastwood in cowboy boots and a hat tilted over his furrowed brow riding off into the sunset. Some might not picture this as their ideal location for dreamy engagement photos. But for this California Desert Engagement Session, Jennifer and David did exactly that. The vast desert landscape filled with cacti, dry grass, and boulders really set the tone for this super cool shoot in Palm Springs!

What do you need to consider when choosing a location for your engagement photos? You might want to think about what the location is going to say. You can say something about your relationship and what you like to do together or maybe pick a location that means something to you. In doing this, you’ll be sure to create images that are meaningful, timeless, and memorable. We promise you’ll look back on them as the years pass and be able to remember exactly how you looked and felt.

For Jennifer and David, they went with a desert engagement session because it held significant meaning. David grew up going to Palm Springs on vacation with his family. He remembered the beauty of the desert and just how fun and amazing it would be to shoot there. He knew the mountains, the desert landscape, and the stunning sunsets. So, with this in mind, he gave us the project of scoping out the perfect desert location for photos.

We set out to find different locations that would showcase the beauty of the desert, and give way to windswept and dream-like photos. Whether it was the base of a mountain, straight or winding dirt roads, or a friendly Californians front yard, this couple was game. Jennifer and David were so in love with the locations we brought them to.

Jennifer wore an open back, long sheath lace dress with a train that perfectly hugged her body. This dress against the sandy paths gives the impression of a soft desert goddess. She wanted her hair down so it would blow in the wind, further adding to the stunning windswept look of the shoot. David complimented her and wore a simple striped shirt and trousers. As they walked through the desert hand-in-hand, they couldn’t help but dance and have fun. We love how she later wore this dress during her wedding reception to tie the events together.

Jennifer’s second dress, if possible, was even cooler than the first! We love the way the soft mint green, lace and chiffon dress with metallic gold belt popped out of the background especially against the hot pink desert cactus flowers we found in the garden of a very friendly Californian’s backyard. (This couple was so obviously in love, complete strangers offered their property for the shoot!)

Their choice of a desert engagement session was so sweet for this couple. Together we accomplished a glamorous and whimsical engagement shoot that sums up their relationship. It was a way of tying together their lives; taking from his youth and bringing it together into their present and future. They’ll be able to bring more memories with them to Palm Springs as they embrace their marriage and grow their family together.

We can’t wait to share more from their gorgeous wedding at The Parker Hotel soon!

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