MANGO Studios’ Top 6 Tips: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Photos

Your big day is coming up and you want to look your best; We’ve assembled our Top 6 Tips to help Brides get the most out of their Wedding Photographs.

At MANGO Studios, we know that hiring a wedding photographer is a big investment for our clients. As a Toronto wedding photography studio and highly sought after destination wedding photographers, we have shot countless numbers of weddings in Toronto, New York and in exotic international locations. Based on our experiences, we have assembled our 6 most useful tips on looking your best in your wedding photos:

1) Pick the right time and place for your wedding photos

Mango Studios Toronto Wedding PhotographyLocation, location location: Try not to choose locations that are “trendy” and could be considered looking dated in the future. Instead, pick timeless locations such as: historical architecture, modern or contemporary architecture, or in nature such as farms, beaches or forests.

Timing is everything: Try to avoid mid-day photo shoots if at all possible. The ideal time for photographs would be around 2 hours before sunset or just after sunrise.

2) Be comfortable with your hair and make-up

Mango Studios Toronto Wedding Photography MakeupPick a style that feels right: Looking relaxed and at ease in your wedding photos starts with hair and makeup that feels comfortable and doesn’t irritate you.

Go pro: Get your hair and make-up done by a professional. Most stylists will offer hair and makeup trials so take advantage of this opportunity and pick a style that not only looks great, but one that you feel comfortable with.

For inspiration and unique styling ideas, you can check out wedding blogs, such as: Style Me Pretty (, Green Wedding Shoes (, Ruffled Blog ( or 100 Layer Cake (

3) Consider comfort when picking a dress

Mango Studios Toronto Wedding Photography DressComfort is just as important as style: Be mindful of the fact that you’ll be moving around throughout the day, so comfort is of utmost importance. For example, if you’re wearing a corset dress that hugs your body uncomfortably, it will show throughout the day, as well as in your wedding photos.

4) Use props:

Mango Studios Toronto Wedding Photography PropsPlay around with props: Bringing props for your wedding photographs will give you and your partner something to do during your shoot and make the images feel less contrived.

Keep it simple: Incorporate elements of the decor or pick something personal and sentimental like a gift your fiancée gave you on your first date. Teddy bears, love notes, and balloons are all great examples of fun props that you may choose to use in your wedding photos.

5) Know your best angles:

Mango Studios Toronto Wedding Photography AnglesDo an engagement session beforehand: This will allow you to get to know your photographer and become familiarized with the person that is in charge of capturing your special day.

Know how you shoot: An engagement shoot will give you the opportunity to know your best angles, practice your smile, and rehearse different poses in front of the camera so you can look your best when it comes time for the real thing.

6) Reference:

Mango Studios Toronto Wedding Photography ReferenceScrapbook your favourite images: Try to understand why you love these photos. Think about what attracted you to the photo. Are they candid, beautiful moments of people laughing? Or was it the styling, hair, and makeup?

Put yourself in the image: Try to evoke the same feelings and emotions in order to recreate the same look, feel and styling. The kind of imagery you want is the kind of imagery that you have to give.

Keep these 6 simple tips from MANGO Studios in mind on your own wedding day in order to look your absolute best!

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