Mango’s Guide to Bridal Wedding Poses

Who better to advise you on your bridal wedding poses than somebody who spends their entire year photographing real, beautiful brides? Here at Mango Studios, we have an endless wealth of knowledge on guiding and helping brides look their best in wedding pictures! Being a bride is like being a supermodel for the day. While some brides are more comfortable in front of the camera than others, most get lost when there is so much attention! Believe me, even I become camera shy in front of the lens! I know the feelings you’re going through and I know how awkward it might feel. However, your wedding pictures are going to be a long-lasting reminder of your big day, so you want to get those wedding poses right! Like any photographers, we have our little bag of tricks that we often utilize to offer you our gentle guidance. I spoke to our photography team and gathered practical tips they are using when photographing bridal portraits in this blog post below! I hope you find it useful, and let me know if you have your own posing tips in the comments.

Wedding Poses Ideas: Give Your Body a Shape

Our photographers often suggest giving your body a shape. Try studying red carpet photographs of your favourite celebrities. You’ll find that they hardly ever stand straight on to the camera. Kim Kardashian and Beyonce are great examples! Channel your inner superstar and give your body a shape by slightly turning your body 45 degrees away from the camera. It’s a magical trick! Look at the photos below: I asked my model to turn her body and bend her elbow at a gentle angle. This way you can see her beautiful waistline and the nice curve her body gains. One of the most frequent questions I get asked is, “Where do I put my arms?” I find that bending your elbow gives your arm shape and something to do! Another way to give your body shape is tilting your head. This trick helps to define your shoulder line and elongate your neck making for some very flattering close up portraits!

Wedding Poses Ideas: Be a Bride!

Now, here is one of the life’s best moments that lasts for only a mere few hours – that is being a bride! Your wedding day is when you’re the centre of everyone’s admiration, so soak it all in and be a bride! This is the day to enjoy every moment and radiate happiness. You’re glowing and you’re beautiful! So, feel free to show your real emotions to the camera! Don’t confine yourself to standard poses. Let your happiness shine through. At the end of it all, you’ll find the photos where you’re not posing and just enjoying your day to be one of the best! Of course, as a wedding photographer I will help you capture those. Moreover, I will offer you gentle direction when I see potential for a great, happy photo. One of those tips is simply to play with your dress. Some dresses are just not meant to stay still, and I often suggest giving it a little twirl once you put on your dress for the very first time. You’re happy and beautiful! You’re a force, so show it off!

Wedding Poses Ideas: Hold the Bouquet Right

Your wedding bouquet is going to be a focal point of your look. The best way to incorporate it in your bridal portraits is to hold it down at hip level. You’ll notice that when you’re holding your bouquet this way, your shoulders naturally straighten up and your overall posture gains an elegant look. Another reason why I love this pose so much is it prompts you to carry your weight over to one leg. This arches your back giving your pose a ballerina-like posture. Just beautiful! As for the close-up portraits, I like it when my brides lift their bouquet closer to their face. My little trick here is to get your “in-between” photos, when you’re just settling down in this pose and maybe fixing your hair while doing so. It makes for very natural, candid photos that look very feminine and tender.

Wedding Poses Ideas: Show Off Your Engagement Ring

Chances are you have a gorgeous engagement ring. Don’t hide it! Close-up shots of your engagement ring make for great photo opportunities. Again, I want these photos to be natural, so I’ll never ask you to show it off directly, straight to the camera. Instead, I might guide you to lift your hand to your chin like in the photo below. Once I take few portraits, I will get closer and take a shot of your ring. You might not even notice it, but you’ll be pleasingly surprised to see a beautiful picture of your ring among your bridal photos!

Wedding Poses Ideas: Bridal Make-Up

There are a lot of details worth capturing during your wedding day, and your bridal makeup is one of them. In this Instagram beauty shot era we live in, makeup is a big part of a woman’s life! When it comes to your bridal makeup, I love taking editorial-looking beauty shots. The best part? You don’t have to be a professional model to get those editorial wedding photos! One of my tricks here is to ask you to think of something nice, take a deep breath and look down while exhaling. The magic is to get you thinking of something good, so it instantly adds a natural, gentle smile to your face. As they say, even the nicest makeup is not complete unless it’s accompanied with a charming smile.

Wedding Poses Ideas: Move, Don’t Pose!

To finish this post off, one of my ultimate go-to tips is to get you moving, not posing! Being in front of the camera can be intimidating for those who aren’t used to it. To take the edge off, being in motion with your body is key for candid looking bridal poses. Sitting still will make you aware of your body, but once you’re moving and changing your pose with every shutter click, you’ll see that tension disappears. Be in control of your body and move as if there’s no one watching you. You’ll gain confidence and be your best self. In the end, this is what your wedding pictures are all about!



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