Family and Newborn Lifestyle Sessions: The Coldicott’s


In the summer of 2011, we met Tania and Dustin and we knew right away they were the perfect pair for us. They smiled and laughed as they told us about their upcoming winter wedding at one of our favourite venues, Auberge du Pommier, and we knew we had to keep them forever. A little while after their stunning wedding, we got a message from Tania saying they were expecting a little one and they wanted to have some maternity photos done in their home. As you can see, they have impeccable taste for design and we went a little nuts hanging out and photographing all the perfect, personal details in the nursery. When Henri was born, we went back for some newborn photos and totally melted over the tiny, gorgeous guy and his big, curious eyes. This fall, we got another message from Tania saying they were expecting a second little one to join the gang, and knowing that our family and newborn lifestyle sessions are the perfect way to document the life of a budding new family, they called us up again! This time they opted for a family shoot at Evergreen Brickworks with Henri as well, now a hilarious and energetic two year old! A few weeks ago, we went to their home to meet sweet Magnolia, the most calm and lovely, little lady. We weren’t surprised to find they had once again outdone themselves with all the colours and personal touches to welcome Nola. It’s been one of our greatest joys to document the growth of this happy family over the last few years and we’re truly honoured to have been able to document so many milestones! Take a look at some of our favourite moments with the Coldicott’s.

– Melissa xo

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