Toronto Wedding Photographers Awards

We work really hard and that’s why we were THRILLED to win TWO Toronto Wedding photographers Awards at the 2014 Canadian Wedding Industry Awards! The Canadian Wedding Industry Awards (CWIA’s), presented by WedLuxe, Birks, and Etsy Canada, was founded to distinguish and honour the exceptional talent found within Canada’s vibrant wedding and events industry from coast to coast. From planners to floral designers to photographers to DJs and more, the remarkable creative and technical professionals listed below are the crème de la crème in their field and represent the very best the industry has to offer.

For all for all of our peers in the wedding industry here are the reasons why it’s so important for us to win these kinds of awards:

Recognition- As the best Toronto Wedding Photographer

Winning an award can be a defining moment for many organizations. It can provide that moment of recognition and credibility that the team have been working hard to achieve.  We always have a little mango party at the office when we win any award.

PR & Social Media

Winning an award is a very cost effective way of marketing your business. Your company will be put in the spotlight in the run up to the event, on the event night itself as well as in all post event coverage – and for all the right reasons. Effective use of your social media accounts throughout this time will maximize your exposure, reaching out to new and existing wedding clients.


Entering the awards can be great in terms of thinking differently about your business and comparing yourself to other organizations within your industry. It helps determine where you stand against your competitors and can help to identify areas for improvement.


Wedding season can be draining for all of us, an award like this help keep the momentum. Winning an award like this can be a great team building exercise to help boost motivation and improve morale. It’s an opportunity to recognize individual staff members for all their hard work and celebrates their achievements. Studies have confirmed that motivated employees are more productive and quality-focused. They will also feel more valued, which will have a positive ripple effect on your organization at large.

Attracting Talent- photographers

Following all of the great publicity from winning your award, you will see a shift in how you are perceived by others. This will include prospective employees. This should further stimulate the growth of your business and aid in its expansion. If there are any photographers out there reading this and interested in applying please send us an email with you resume and a like to your wedding photography site.


Toronto Wedding Photographer

Toronto Wedding Photographer