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Party Decoration Ideas: What Does Photograph Best?A photographer’s perspective

Berry hued birthday party at Brassaii
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The Holiday season seems to sneak up on us without fail and among all the last-minute Holiday preparations you might find yourself amidst Holiday party planning and look for fresh, unique party decoration ideas. For some, it could be a small and cozy family reunion filled with funny stories and happy laughter. For others, it would be a big and loud celebration for countless colleagues and best friends. Whatever the backstory, the reason for celebrating remains the same. With only a handful days left in the year, we are making the room to gather together people we love.

I was looking at this stunning berry-hued birthday party we had the pleasure to photograph searching for inspiration for my own Holiday party decoration ideas, a coffee mug in one hand and a party planner notebook in the other. I wanted to create a dinner that felt intimate, cozy and warm. I imagine it filled with chic elements and personalized details to make the experience ever so unique. Of course, I would love it to photograph well and look great in photos that would be left as keepsakes when everything’s said and done. This is when I realized that you might also be happy to know how to decorate your own party so it looks effortless, stylish and fun.

This berry dinner is a 30th Birthday Party organized by and for a talented Ashley Lindzon of Ashley Lindzon Events and we had the pleasure to attend and photograph all of the pretty details. Even though it is a birthday party, there are many lessons one may learn when it comes to party decor that photographs best:

1. Come up with a fun, uniting theme for your party

Being a great and experienced wedding planner that she is, Ashley Lindzon knows that having a theme that will unite all elements of your party together is key. She wanted to throw a feminine and flirty brunch for her birthday and the chosen color palette was berries inspired – deep reds, shades of bright pink and pale pink with rose gold accents. As a wedding photographer, I can attest to that a finely chosen theme (whether it’s a color palette or the overall feel) makes for the best magazine-worthy celebrations.

2. It’s all about the details

Now that you have decided on your overruling theme, it’s time to pick cute details! If there’s one thing I’ve learned from photographing some of the finest weddings and parties in town it is that it’s the details that take any celebration from great to Pinterest-worthy. Ashley chose cute rose gold cutlery to go along with floral stationery and rose gummies as party favors to go along with a bold red cake. The abundance of details make your party photos look full and that is what renowned magazines and prestige online publications look to feature. Attention to details when it comes to arranging your tables or placing floral centerpieces is also important. Usually, long family-style tables look great in photos and serve as guiding lines in photographs. You can create patterns with your stylish chairs and plates with napkins to lead the eye while your choice of centerpieces will act as visual anchors. Study the most beautiful weddings on our blog and you will see that all of them used these details to make the photos pop and come alive.

3. Custom elements

A blog post about party decoration ideas wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the importance of custom elements. What’s there not to love? They make the best party favors and look fabulous in photos! They show just how much you care for your guests and how grateful you are to have them join the party. I love how Ashley used pomegranate place cards with custom lettering at each place setting. It makes for a unique touch! She also served custom berry-inspired cocktails to pass at cocktail hour. After all, it’s the custom details that make your party unique and different from anything else out there.

That is it! I hope you found this post useful and it gives you the inspiration to create an unforgettable get-together.

As seen in Style Me Pretty.

Planner: Ashley Lindzon Events
Venue: Brassaii
Flowers: Fuscia Designs
Cake: Nadia & Co
Stationary: Paper and Poste