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Elegant Rosewater Room WeddingRegal and elegance is what this wedding is all about!

modern Rosewater Room wedding in Toronto

This Rosewater Room wedding is the epitome of timeless elegance and class. 

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Modern and chic downtown wedding in Toronto
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White lilies wedding decor at the Rosewater Room wedding reception in Toronto
  Modern and chic Rosewater Room wedding reception in Toronto
First dance as husband and wife at the Rosewater Room wedding First dance at the Rosewater Room wedding Romantic first dance at the modern Rosewater Room wedding

Stephanie and Mark wanted an intimate city affair as Toronto is where they live, where they met and where they fell in love. With Mark being a great admirer of Old World architecture and Stephanie gravitating towards the modern and chic side they wanted to come up with a wedding that consisted of both their favourite styles. That is why we chose the city’s Financial District as their wedding photo location. I wanted to bring them around Toronto to find the best architectural settings that helped tell their own unique story. With its interesting architectural styles, nice modern angles and pretty marble walls to take pictures against, the Financial District is definitely one of my all-time favourite wedding photography spots. Knowing Stephanie and Mark’s individual style preferences, I scouted a few locations in the area that I really loved. First, we stopped by the downtown garden not too far from their ceremony place. It offered a nice contrast to their city photos and acted as a colourful element that diversified the neutrally coloured palette of their downtown wedding pictures. Next, we moved on to the Financial District stopping every now and then whenever we discovered an interesting light and photogenic alleyway. There’s beauty in spontaneity and I love it when my couples turn their wedding photoshoot into a fun exploration of the city. You never know where you will end up shooting and the next corner can end up being one of your favourite spots from the day! We concluded Stephanie and Mark’s photos in the heart of the Financial District with my favourite glass structure in the core of the Imperial Bank of Commerce. Stephanie and Mark looked so elegant and delicate against the almost industrial background while the sun peaked through the marble buildings surrounding us. It was a wonderful moment filled with tender love and joy. You couldn’t help but notice how deeply in love they were!

Art Deco meets modern chic, this is how Stephanie and Mark describe their wedding day inspiration and I couldn’t agree more. Their beautiful Rosewater Room wedding reception was filled with tall white lilies and glimmering candlelight. I love how their wedding decor didn’t compete for attention with the Rosewater Room elegant interior design but emphasized the timeless class that this wedding venue possesses.

I believe that every aspect of their wedding day fit so perfectly together and it definitely reflected who they were as a couple. Stephanie and Mark, it was an honor to be able to capture such an intimate wedding with your closest family and friends. I wish you two all the best on this new journey of your lives!