Top Wedding Venues in TorontoMango’s guide to the city’s best wedding venues

What are the top wedding venues in Toronto? Here at Mango Studios, people often ask us what we think about certain wedding venues and we often give our couples tips on what venues photograph best. With over 12 years experience in the wedding industry, you can say that we’ve been there and seen it all. Wedding venues come in different styles, sizes, and lighting conditions. Each of them has their own unique elements, decor details, and ambiance. As photographers, we pay great attention to the venue’s light and we like to divide venues into dark and light. Luckily Toronto has a great selection of stunning wedding venues and everyone can find something they love. From ultra-modern chic hotel rooms to intimate small wedding venues, this city is full of possibilities! Regardless of your style, taste, and aesthetics, you can always find a venue that is right for you.

We compiled a list of 
Top Wedding Venues in Toronto to break down what is great about them:

The Omni King Edward Hotel Wedding

The Omni King Edward Hotel wedding at the Crystal Ballroom

The Omni King Edward Hotel wedding offers a magical setting for your big day. Featuring spectacular event spaces including the majestic Crystal Ballroom. The King Edward Hotel offers amazing service, impeccable architecture and their artful cuisine is second to none. I love taking wedding photos in the Financial District is only steps away from the hotel. I’m also thrilled if we have time to take some of your wedding photos inside. Dreamy, elegant and airy, the King Edward Hotel is an absolute gem when it comes to wedding photography!

Top 3 reasons why we love the Omni King Edward Hotel:

  1. Beautiful white, gold and blue decor elements
  2. Elegant and bright banquet halls
  3. Tasteful architecture, right in the heart of downtown Toronto

Evergreen Brickworks Wedding

Evergreen Brickworks wedding

There’s so much to love about an Evergreen Brickworks wedding! This Toronto wedding venue has plenty of beautiful outdoor photo options that can look different no matter how many times you’ve been there. From a rustic railway station to a romantic water lily pond, Evergreen Brickworks is one of the most versatile wedding venues out there. With its panoramic vistas of the city and lush green fields, it would be a perfect choice for someone who is looking for a romantic rustic vibe right in the center of the city. 

Top 3 reasons we love Evergreen Brickworks weddings:

  1. It was named one of the Top 10 Geo-tourism Destinations in the world by National Geographic
  2. With rustic elements and lots of greenery, it’s perfect for a romantic industrial wedding
  3. It offers a great variety of outdoor wedding photo locations  

ROM Wedding

The ROM wedding ceremony in Toronto

A ROM wedding is the epitome of timeless style and elegance. With its sleek architecture and exhibitions, you’re literally dining with dinosaurs! What can be more unique than that? Being the largest museum in Canada the ROM offers a great variety of photo locations. From modern lines to Victorian columns and beautiful staircases, there are picture-perfect spots for any taste.

Top 3 reasons we love Royal Ontario Museum: 

  1. Modern architecture tastefully combined with old-world charm
  2. Sky-high ceilings that make for impressive wedding reception photos
  3. Did I mention dinosaurs?

AGO Wedding

AGO wedding photography

An AGO wedding is chic, urban and modern. Situated right in the heart of Toronto the AGO is one of the most unique wedding venues. With its modern lines and geometric shapes, AGO is an art piece in itself. Whenever I imagine an AGO wedding I think of dramatic light and cool angles, it’s a perfect venue for modern urban couples who love art and want their wedding to be a memorable affair. 

Top 3 reasons we love AGO weddings:

  1. Floor to ceiling windows that allow for some dramatic natural light photographs
  2. Sleek lines and interesting angles make for unique wedding photographs
  3. Minimalist and modern aesthetics

Graydon Hall Manor Wedding

The Graydon Hall Manor wedding photography by Mango Studios

I love a Graydon Hall Manor wedding for it’s ever so romantic space. Their gardens are beautiful all year around and it’s a perfect location for a romantic outdoor wedding ceremony. Take your photos in the surrounding gardens and enjoy your cocktails at the beautiful cobblestone terrace. Inspired by the Victorian epoch, Graydon Hall Manor is full of old world charm. In fact, wedding photos taken there don’t look like a Toronto wedding at all! With its intricate chandeliers and beautiful furniture, Graydon Hall Manor is a perfect venue for someone who is looking for an elegant and romantic wedding celebration. 

Top 3 reasons we love Graydon Hall Manor:

  1. With beautiful indoor and outdoor locations, there’s a great selection of photo spots
  2. It’s spacious and bright reception hall is perfect for wedding photography
  3. Graydon Hall offers one of the most beautiful bridal suites to take dreamy getting ready photos

Four Seasons Hotel Toronto Wedding

Four Seasons Hotel Toronto is one of the top wedding venues Toronto

Four Seasons Hotel Toronto wedding is one of my favourite venues to shoot. What’s there not to love? Located in the beautiful Yorkville area, it’s a light and spacious wedding venue that offers gorgeous bridal suites, amazing food and looks great in photographs. Inspired by nature you can find floral motifs throughout the hotel. It’s neutral colour palette and subtle textures are perfect for those light and airy wedding portraits.

Top 3 reasons we love the Four Seasons Hotel Toronto:

  1. Spacious banquet halls that are filled with glowing sunlight
  2. Beautiful hotel suites to take airy bridal portraits  
  3. Serving as a blank canvas, you can transform their banquet halls into a real wedding fairytale!