MANGO Studios’ Top 5 Things to Consider When Picking a Wedding Photographer

So you’re getting hitched and it’s time to find the BEST Wedding Photographer; We’ve put together our TOP 5 TIPS to help you find your perfect match!

When couples come to MANGO Studios, they’re often unaware of what to ask their (prospective) wedding photographers. As a team of Toronto wedding photographers who have been through this process countless number of times, we know finding the perfect wedding photographer is no walk in the park. Here are a few pointers to help steer you in the right direction:

1. Feel a connection

Mango-Studios-Wedding-Photography-Toronto-NYC-Destination-WeddingThe Photographer’s Work: Does the look and feel that you had envisioned for your own wedding match the look of the Photographer’s portfolio?

Meet your photographer: I can’t stress how integral it is that you actually connect and have things in common with this person or team.  You want to have a wedding photographer that makes you feel comfortable when it comes to having your picture taken.

Professionalism and Experience:  This relationship has to be balanced with a photographer who is also professional, assertive and mindful about timing and schedule. Pick someone that you can work with.

2. Look for creativity


Look for creative, timeless and beautiful images (top) instead of being swayed by editing techniques, such as “the vintage feel” (bottom).

Style: Don’t be captivated by the latest and most popular trends in photography – the key here is to look for a wedding photographer whose work feels “timeless and creative” versus “trendy and creative.”

Ask to see an album from their most recent shoot: Asking for a random sample means you will see the most accurate example of what you will be getting from this photographer.

3. Wedding Albums, Coffee Table Books and Prints


Who’s doing the work?: Is the work being done in-house by your photography team or outsourced to a third party? Find a photographer who is mindful about the book making and designing process.

Express yourself: Every book should be unique in order to reflect your individual personality. Be wary of standard template designs that force you to compromise your sense of aesthetics.

4. Look for Quality

Mango-Studios-Wedding-Photography-Toronto-New York

Sharpness: Is the photographer able to achieve that nice, sharp, clear and brilliant image with great detail? Although photographers will often use creative techniques where a soft focus is applied, it is important to keep an eye out for sharpness and clarity.

Exposure: Do the images look either too light or too dark? Often photographers will over- or underexpose a photo on purpose but pay attention to little details like the tones in the bride’s dress – do you see enough detail? Also be mindful of the subjects’ faces. Are their skin tones flattering?

Lighting: Look at an image and make a note of the way it makes you feel. Lighting establishes the mood, so as you look through a photographer’s work, they should have a considerable amount of range.

Framing: The subject matter in a beautifully framed photograph is as important as the background. The background of an image can sometimes be filled with wonderful little surprises, and subtle nuances to accentuate the subject matter.

5. Experience and professionalism counts

Mango-Studios-Gallery-Wedding-Photography-Toronto-New YorkMango-Studios-Gallery-Toronto-Wedding-Photography

How many years in the business?: We have seen a number of photographers move, shut down, and eventually move on to other careers. When investing in your wedding photography, you want to ensure that your photographer is a professional and going to be in business for years to come.

Do they work out of an office or from home?: For MANGO Studios, our street-level location is truly important because it shows our commitment and makes us accessible at anytime. You can walk into our studio throughout the week and ask to speak to someone who will make sure you are looked after.

Do they work as part of a team or solo?: At MANGO Studios, we operate like any other business should – we have invested heavily in building a highly skilled and competent team.

Workflows and security: At our studio, we have implemented workflows using software that keeps both the photographer and client engaged and connected with one another. Any one of our clients can simply log into their personalized client profile and with a single click, view the status of their album order.