“What Did You Do With Your Wedding Photos?”

Do you have a favourite photograph from your wedding day or event? Let us create a custom art piece with it!

Are there any photographs from your album that stand out in your mind? You should consider personalizing your home and adding a unique touch to your space using your favourite photos and custom framing.

Here are 6 ideas on how you can create timeless artworks to decorate your walls, using your own, amazing photos:

1) MANGO Canvas:


Canvas pieces provide a simple and elegant look for modern living spaces.

MANGO Canvas is best suited for modern living spaces with contemporary décor. The photograph is printed onto a canvas wrap with a float mount frame, which comes in various colours. It is a simple, functional design that gives off a soft, artistic and creative feel. MANGO canvas pieces are perfect for mounting above your bed in the bedroom or for decorating a hallway in your home.

2) MANGO Wax:


MANGO Wax is a unique and beautiful way to preserve your photographs.

MANGO Wax is a traditional method called encaustic painting, during which melted beeswax is poured over the photograph and then painted over with oil paint. This creates a truly one-of-a-kind piece that ages beautifully and preserves the image in a unique way. This style gives off a vintage feel and it is best suited for living spaces that aim for a shabby chic, French country décor.

3) MANGO Resin Art:


These MANGO Resin Art pieces make a bold statement.

MANGO Resin Art pieces are high-end investment pieces best suited for contemporary loft spaces or condos with high-ceilings. They’re the perfect option for both contemporary and transitional décors. The photograph is mounted on wood and then epoxy wax is poured over the piece, creating a glossy, lavish look and feel. When creating MANGO Resin Art, we recommend choosing large pieces that will make a dramatic impact in your living space. These pieces can be made into one, two or three panels, which makes them ideal for framing a series of photographs. Furthermore, the edges are stained to match the rest of your décor, giving this frame a highly refined, customized appearance.

4) Vintage/ Victorian Custom Framing:


This Victorian frame adds an elegant touch to this living space.

Vintage/ Victorian Custom Frames are designed to make a big, bold statement and are ideal for large, dramatic pieces to be hung in living spaces. At MANGO Studios, we work with the best in the industry and all our Vintage/ Victorian frames are Italian-made to ensure the highest quality. These classy frames are perfect for rooms with contemporary Victorian or traditional decors.

5) Modern Custom Framing:


Contemporary modern framing is a clean and simple choice.

Modern Custom Framing is a simple, timeless approach to custom frames. It has an understated feel to it due to its minimalist styling and complements a simple, modern and clean décor. It is ideal for contemporary living spaces with transitional design schemes.

Feeling inspired? Here are the next steps in creating your own unique artworks:

Step 1: Send us a picture of the room where you want to put up your photographic artwork.

Step 2: Give us a call at (416)-366-4723 OR e-mail us at info@mangostudios.com to book your FREE design consultation.

Step 3: Stop by our studio for a quick design consultation OR choose from our pre-designed options!

Step 4: Your new, custom piece will be ready in 1 – 2 weeks!

Why choose MANGO Studios for your printing and framing over the competition?

At MANGO Studios, we are photographers and artists who want to help you bring your vision to life. We offer our creativity and expertise on retouching and design to deliver complete client satisfaction.