Toronto Wedding Photographer Guide: Unique Photoshoot Locations

As a Toronto wedding photographer, I’ve studied Toronto through the lens and have photographed many of the most unique locations with my brides and grooms for their engagement or wedding. It’s safe to say that I know every inch of this diverse city and what it has to offer in regards to hidden (and not so hidden) places to photograph.

Toronto has everything from cool and cozy cafes to rough and tough industrial neighbourhoods. There are roof tops with stunning views and many other tucked away secret gems to be explored. Let’s discuss some of the most unique Toronto location ideas for engagement photos:

Toronto engagement session at a cafe

Your Favourite Café or Restaurant

Sharing food isn’t something you do with just anyone! I love hearing my couples’ stories of their favourite places to dine as I’m a huge foodies myself. So why not capture this and share this with your family and friends? Whether you pose in your favourite booth at a cafe or sit by the window in a restaurant, these images will have significance to you and your fiancé and be a symbol of your journey together.

Toronto industrial engagement session

Industrial Neighbourhoods

There are so many cool, rough, and industrial places all over Toronto. These out in the open areas are the perfect blank canvas for you to go wild. You can let your love and your wardrobe speak volumes here. Your actions will be highlighted against the modern, industrial look of the buildings, walls and terrain of these places to make for an edgy, yet eye-catching image. Check out this fun engagement session at the Evergreen Brickworks!

Toronto engagement session on Queen St

Tucked-Away City Corners

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve taken the time to really explore this great city, and I’ve found a lot of hidden gems. There are places that demonstrate perfect symmetry and stunning gardens that would make you feel as if you were in a different city. These tucked away corners are great places if you’d like to do something a little more unique for your engagement shoot and really have something memorable to share.

Toronto street engagement session

Out on the Streets

There is nothing more natural than you and your fiancé walking together, hand in hand. You could be strolling anywhere through the city, and I’ll be focusing on your happy smiles. The city around you could be a great backdrop as you’re making your way along the paved sidewalks, cobblestone streets, passing the trees and the cars zooming by. This Narcity article does a great job summarizing cool city spots. They are for Instagram, but hey! Why not take a few great engagement photos there?   

Toronto engagement session on a roof top

Above the City

These types of photos usually get responses of “Awe” and “Oh My Gawd.” They’re absolutely spectacular! The view of the towering skyscrapers, mixed with the lighting and love makes for photos that will simply take your breath away. These views also make for cool symbolism; the vast cityscape is a nice parallel to your love for one another. For example, our friends at Momofuku have some great views and are open for any kind of engagement fun.

Toronto Cherry beach engagement sessionOn The Beach

Whether you’re searching for the lake, a pond, or the lakeshore, coastal locations have a way of creating the perfect balance for your photos. The surrounding sand, rocks, branches, and water create such a stunning frame to your loving embraces. It’s as if Mother Nature herself is blessing your union. Here’s one of my long time favourite sessions which I did by the lake.

Toronto apartment engagement session

In Your Love Nest

The old saying “home is where the heart lives” is one of the truest of them all. You’re never more comfortable than in your home that you share together and it’s a great way to show your true self! You’re free to sit, stand, dance, cook or simply just hang out, whatever you choose, it will make for that perfect and intimate look into your love. Here’s an example of the home session that I loved.

Toronto rail road engagement session

The Great Outdoors

Sometimes great spots are located just within minutes outside the city. From abandoned railroads to charming farms, there are great options if you’re more into a country vibe. Who said that we can’t finish our dynamic, urban engagement session with countryside charm? Sounds like a great engagement album story to me! Check out styled engagement session which I shot last month with Alicia and Phill here.

It’s important to give your engagement photos some thought. Start with what you love about your relationship and work your way from there. As a Toronto wedding photographer, I am here to help you create beautiful photos that speak to your relationship, so if you tell us what you want, we can help you find the PERFECT location (and vendors! Check out a list of our great stylist friends here) to really help make your ideas pop! Shoot us an email and I’ll send you a list of my go-to spots!