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Toronto Wedding Photographers : Mango Studios

Far before we met Mango Studios in person, we knew Mango Studios. The photography house (and gallery) is a leader in the Toronto wedding photography community, a well-earned designation having turned high fashion and contemporary photojournalism into an option for any Toronto bride with an artistic eye.

As staff at The Ring browsed through Mango Studios’ portfolio, we felt like we were looking at a film strip that told us a story of each wedding Mo Govindji and his team of expert photographers have shot. The subjects are elegantly portrayed in a setting that reflects their personalities and style and showcases their beauty. The Mango Studios has two locations, one in downtown Toronto,  fittingly in the Queen West fashion district, which reflects their combination of fashion photography and photojournalism. The second location in South Beach Miami.  What began as an extension of Nancy and Mo’s family’s portrait and wedding studio/custom framing business has, ten years later, turned into his own unique studio, style and a dedication to offering personal service with a high appreciation for cutting edge conceptual design.

Mango Studios offers anything from contemporary framed prints to raw wood mounted pieces and their one of a kind brand of coffee table wedding albums. These books are also referred to as Magazine style wedding albums. When we met with Mo and his photography team we could tell that they bring a strong mix of fun and creativity to every shoot and they’re truly passionate about what they do. They really are the amazing Toronto wedding photographer. Let us tell you more…

Personally speaking…
Mo and his business partner, Nancy DaCosta, founded Mango Studios in 2004. But Mo had been in a similar business for several years before that. He told The Ring that his father has run a portrait and wedding studio with a custom framing shop for his entire life and has shot countless weddings himself. So, Mo feels that Mango Studios is more of an extension of what he grew up doing rather than a studio he actually started. “I took what I learned growing up in my parents’ studio and added my own contemporary twist to it – crafting the style that makes Mango unique.”

Mo graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Arts Degree. But, more important, he says, is the practical knowledge of photography, printing, framing and post production that he has learned through the family biz.

Nancy graduated with a Visual Arts Degree from York University and Mo says, “She’s also a fine art painter with a great eye for light.

These experts make up the Mango Studios’ team who told us, “Our storefront gallery tell a story about who we are. We’re simple, yet sophisticated – elegance with an edge.” Their studios are also super chic and applicably located in Toronto’s fashion district and the South Miami Beach. Together the Mango Studios team has shot about 300 weddings since their business opened in 2003. But weddings aren’t the only place their expertise gets showcased as there’s also a big fashion and commercial part to their business. “We’ve shot covers of many top artists, including Danny Fernandez, Massari and Belly to name a few,” says Mo. Some of their commercial clients include Nokia and Costa Blanca – just more reasons that make this studio one of the biggest names in Toronto.

A passion for passion…
After having shot so many weddings, Mango Studios’ inspiration for making each one unique doesn’t seem to falter. Mo says that they’re inspired by the unknown. “We never know what’s around the corner – there’s so much to create and explore through our photography and the fact that every shoot is totally unique. Every person, relationship, family dynamic, model, light, location and venue changes so drastically from one shoot to the next that it always keeps us on our toes.”

This dedication to building a strong rapport with each one of their clients is what Mo says is one of the many reasons that brides choose Mango Studios for their wedding day photography. “Taking someone’s picture is such a personal thing and it’s impossible to do without having a good connection to your subject,” he says. “We truly love what we do over here and love being able to spend all of our time with people in love.” He added that this ‘love of love’ is what really drives the Mango team and draws people to them. We think their well-known name and style might also have something to do with it.

“Fashion photography meets photojournalism”…
Trying to pinpoint one thing that Mango Studios does best is a bit tricky. Even Mo had a hard time with this question and noted, “In the photography field you have to wear many hats to be the best.” Many photographers are known for one particular style, but he feels that Mango always gives their clients a wide variety of looks from their shoot – “from high fashion to documentary photojournalism.”

But, if he had not narrow it down, Mo says that personal service is what Mango Studios first and foremost does best, followed closely by their level of appreciation for design and creating the best possible albums and prints. “I’ve branded my style as a ‘shooting for design’ approach,” he says. By this he means that Mango always shoots with a finished design in mind and bases their shots around their clients’ taste, style, and décor while still trying to keep their shots timeless in the process.

Mo adds that their clients’ styles are very similar, “They have a taste for the finer things in life but at the same time are still very down to earth and have a strong appreciation for the artistic eye.” So, it’s a good thing that Mango Studios say they offer such clients a cutting edge conceptual design and a strong mix of fun and creativity for every shoot. Not to mention an impeccable reputation, not just among brides, but in the whole photography biz.

Mo told us that the Mango Studios’ product mix varies from gig to gig because almost all of the work they do is customized to each client. “We offer anything from contemporary framed prints to raw wood mounted epoxy coated pieces,” says Mo. But the one thing that Mo says has made Mango stand out in the industry from day one is the fact that they’ve always offered their unique brand of coffee table bridal albums in every one of their packages. “I did so knowing they are a tremendous amount of work to create; however, I believe they are the best way to express and display the character of a wedding day,” Mo told The Ring.

These books are the most popular product that Mango Studios offers. “They are unique, stunning and timeless,” Mo told us. Not to mention time consuming as Mo says they spend over fifty hours on each design from the initial concept to the finished product, which he adds is almost unheard of in the industry. But the amount of effort and creativity that goes into these books is totally worth it – just check out the samples on Mango’s website to see for yourself.

Packages at Mango start at $3500 for coverage and a credit for prints from the studio. Comprehensive coverage with one of Mango’s signature coffee table books is $5500. What Mo loosely terms, ‘the works’, comes with a larger coffee table book and a matching set of books for parents, or custom artwork for approximately $7500. “We’ve come up with price points to work with all budgets,” Mo told us. “Our packages are designed so you know what you are getting up front and there is no hidden up sell later.”

Mango’s payment structure is also pretty fair. It’s spread out until after the wedding when couples get their high resolution files in hand. A third of the package is due upon booking with another third due two months before the wedding (Mo says usually during the engagement session). Then the final payment is due when you get your disk of photos. “This is great because the bride and groom can immediately start making prints and copies for family and relatives.” The final payment is usually due about two weeks after the wedding.

But since Mango is so flexible, if this payment plan doesn’t work for you, they can arrange one that works better. They also offer a photography gift registry where brides’ and grooms’ guests can make a contribution towards their package as their wedding gift to the happy couple.

Contacting Mango Studios…

Phone or email the team 416-366-4723 or 1-888-60-MANGO or email at

Mango Studios’ ultra awesome gallery is suitably located in the downtown area of Toronto conveniently located beside the Don Valley Parkway at 9 Davies Avenue unit 203 in Toronto or South Beach Miami right off of Lincoln road. You can also send a request for an appointment and view Mango Studios’ online gallery on their website at