Meet Frances: Our In-House Wedding Photography Coordinator

If you have ever connected with Mango Studios in our Toronto office about wedding photography, chances are you’ve been greeted by Frances our in-house wedding photography coordinator. Learn more about Frances and her day to day at the studio in the video below.  Frances is your first point of contact and will be there every step of the way, helping you through your entire wedding planning process.  Our photographers are supported by a diligent full time team dedicated to client services, here to support your every need. Frances’ job is primarily to make your wedding day a stress free success by coordinating all of the behind the scenes and doing everything in her power to produce impeccable wedding photos with the team.  Get to know her a bit better below:

  1. What is the first thing you do when you come into the Studio

I log onto the computer and make sure all the couples are ready for their weddings and other events they have planned

2. How did you start working as a wedding photography coordinator at Mango?

I am a wedding planner and loved Mango from weddings I had worked on. I went in for a consultation for my very own wedding, fell in a deeper love, ended my wedding planning career and here I am! Now I get to work with amazing couples and help their dreams come true and they get to keep their memories!  I have first hand experience working with Mango for my own wedding.

3. What is your favourite thing about working as a wedding photography coordinator at Mango Studios?

They say passion is contagious and I work with an awesome group of passionate photographers, editors, designers. It definitely is contagious! I love meeting new people and learning how I can help make their day a success. It is definitely a great place to work.

4.  Why is photography so important?

At the end of the day, all you have left are your memories and your photo’s. You want to make sure your photo’s are perfect, because you only have one chance.  Trust me, I know.  My day came and went so fast and all I have left are my amazing images.

5. What is important to know when booking your wedding photographer?

Make sure to do your research. Go in, get to the space and environment and make sure you you love everything about the company.

6. How do you pick your wedding photographer?

At Mango we really pride ourselves on our style of photography. All of our photographers are meticulously trained and have that Mango Touch.

I personally love getting to know the couple, learning about their vision and plans. Then I will hand select the best photographer, who I believe will fit perfectly. I can also send you a bio and some photo’s and you can connect with your photographer whenever you like! Our whole team is super personable and awesome.

7. What is one of the craziest things that has happened at Mango?

We recently had a bride who did not use us for her wedding photo’s and was so unhappy with the results, so we redid her wedding! She got back in the dress and did a whole redo of her bridal party photo’s and her creative with her husband!

8.  How would you describe the Mango Style?

A fairy tale. We don’t want to just take a photo, we want to capture a moment and tell a story. When you get your wedding photo’s, we want you to remember how you felt that day. Every time you look at your photo’s there will always be a happy ending.