Glamorous Toronto Barn Wedding

Brace yourself for this one because I know we had to! This glamorous Toronto barn wedding held at a private location just outside of the city will absolutely take your breath away!  When our industry friend Rachel Clingen approached us to photograph her very own son’s wedding we were beyond thrilled. We knew it was going to be a day to remember, and of course, we were not disappointed.  There are so many gorgeous details in this wedding; from the soft peach and pink blooms, to all of the custom stationary by Paper & Poste, the patisserie-themed lounge area and as you’ll see below, much more. The rustic charm of the barn provided a romantic backdrop for this ultra elegant evening. Caleb and Chelsie’s wedding was the perfect combination of rustic romance and sophisticated glamour. It goes without saying that it was all perfectly orchestrated by the lovely Laura & Co. Caleb and Chelsie were a dream to work with and we wish them a lifetime of happiness together as a new family!

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