5 Ideas and Tips for Winter Engagement PhotosBaby, it’s cold outside!

A couple taking their winter engagement photos in the snow
I feel you! Taking winter engagement photos could be challenging when it’s -20C outside. It’s not easy to look all cute and effortless when the strong, northern wind is blowing directly on your face and you’re trying not to sink into the deep snow. Your hands are frozen, your nose is red and your hair is a creative mess. However, there are more creative ways to tackle the cold than you may think and you still can take the best engagement photos ever!

As a photographer, I love snow. I love how nature transforms into a wide, clean canvas and everything stops. You can see couples lazily strolling the streets with fresh coffee and croissants in their hands. Children build snowmen on a front yard, their faces all serious and red out of effort. There’s something ultimately magical about the snowy winter as it brings people together. I think it’s the perfect time of the year for winter snuggles and getting cozy under a big, warm blanket. That is why, for those who are willing to brave the cold, winter engagement photos can be an amazing adventure! Here are my top 5 winter engagement shoot ideas:

1. Snowy photos on the beach

Winter engagement photos in Toronto
A couple taking their winter engagement photos on a blanket with their dog in the snow

Take your beach engagement photos to the next level! Everyone likes taking beach engagement photos in the summer but there are only a select few who can totally rock their engagement session wearing warm boots and a Canada Goose jacket. There’s something magnificent about a frozen beach with the snow covering a vast area of land and the lake standing motionless under thin ice. If you want something different for your engagement shoot, then a winter beach session is guaranteed to leave your friends in awe!

Tips: Make sure to wear your hiking boots as the snow tends to get pretty deep. You can also bring a warm blanket and hot tea in your travel mug to keep warm between the takes. Choose an extra snowy day for extra drama!

2. Winter Wonderland in the countryside

Winter engagement photo ideas

Personally, I love driving up north during winter. This is where you can experience the true winter wonderland and experience the beauty of a sunny winter day in all its glory. Bonus points? The countryside looks super romantic in engagement photos! If you describe yourself as an adventurous couple who loves outdoors, this type of winter engagement photos could be right up your alley!

Tips: Enjoy the day in the countryside and take your engagement pictures at sunset to capitalize on that magical golden light.

3. Home alone

Winter engagement photos at home

Your home. Your perfect place away from the world. There’s nothing like sleeping in and taking the day slow while sipping a hot cup of herbal tea with your favorite book in your hand. At home engagement photos look very cute and cozy, especially during the cold winter months. Snuggle up on your comfy bed and spend your engagement session just hanging with your loved one. No need to rush, it’s just the two of you in the entire world.

Tips: I like it when my couples come up with some sort of activity for their at-home engagement photos. You can play your favorite LPs or cook a simple meal like pancakes or scrambled eggs! Having an activity will yield natural, effortless photographs.  

4. Backyard fun

Fun winter engagement photos

Didn’t have a chance to shovel the snow in your backyard? Perfect! Personally, I love backyard engagement photos because they offer the best of two worlds. They feel as cozy as at-home engagement pics while bringing in some natural elements to your photos. Who doesn’t love the snow? You can build a snowman or even have a snowball fight. It will add a majorly playful vibe to your pictures.

Tips: Don’t know what to do in front of the camera? Let your love keep you warm! Give your partner a nice hug and kiss each other’s hands to warm them up. It will make for some really romantic and natural-looking photos!  

5. Dress to impress

Elegant winter engagement photos ideas

Channel your inner Frozen and dress up for your winter shoot! Long velvet dresses and neat tuxedos look perfect in winter engagement photos and leave everyone heart-eyed. Your pictures will look like you just stepped straight out of a fairytale!

Tips: If you’re wearing heels and you’re planning on taking your winter engagement photos out in nature, don’t forget to bring heel stoppers. It will help your photoshoot go smoothly and you won’t be sinking into the ground!