Canada Day: 5 Times Brides Rocked Red Wedding DressesNothing says Canada Day wedding like red wedding dresses.

Nothing says Canada Day for a wedding photographer like red wedding dresses. When you’re surrounded by beautiful weddings and true love, everyday is a celebration. However, today we’ve got something special to celebrate: Canada Day! And while there’s nothing we love more than a gorgeous white gown, today we are inspired by brides brave and bold enough to rock a red one! As a tribute to this enormous, beautiful, brave and magnificent Maple country we live in, here are five, red wedding dresses we love:

While we’d never say it’s wrong to stick to traditions, we know many brides are looking to break the rules by choosing modern dresses that are as beautiful as a classic white gown. This bride decided to wear a strikingly red dress to her wedding reception at Hart House, and I loved how it looked so organic and romantic against the venue’s architecture. It goes without saying, a red dress was the perfect choice for this winter wedding.

If you’re looking for an elevated engagement session look, take a cue from this bride-to-be, Sonia. Her red, boho-inspired lace gown looked so harmonious against the gardens at High Park and I loved how it lended for a very relaxed, summery vibe.

Winter engagement sessions do not have to be indoors. In fact, wearing a red, velvet dress for your engagement photos in the woods could turn out to be one of the most rich and elegant winter looks!

Malisa rocked a lace, candy-red dress for her engagement session, and I loved how dreamy and elegant it looked.

A red wedding dress is already a statement, but when you add layers of tulle, this Valencienne design becomes a true red-carpet moment. Grace opted for a stunning red gown for her wedding reception at the Estates of Sunnybrook and I couldn’t miss an opportunity to take some sunset photos to show off her jaw-dropping dress.  

We all remember how Anne Hathaway tied the knot in a beautiful pink wedding dress. Whatever splash of color you chose for your own wedding, whether it’s pink, blue, white or red, wearing what is perfect for you is key.