What I Did With My Wedding Pictures MANGO Wedding Albums

You planned, you said your “I Do” and now it’s time to give your beautiful wedding pictures the spotlight they deserve. It’s time to – drum roll please – create your wedding album! You have hundreds of wedding photos from your Big Day: from the first look to the last toast and everything in between. As a recent bride myself, I know how overwhelming it might get when it comes to choosing what photos to include into your wedding album. How do you decide?

Look no further. Here at Mango Studios, we take a lot of pride in designing the BEST wedding albums in town. Our designated team of designers works closely with each couple to make sure your wedding album is as flawless as your wedding photos. It all starts with sourcing the best quality paper, printing and flat-lay albums. Our designers work with you to select photos that tell a story of your big day. Laying out the spreads is actually fun! It’s all about pairing moments together as we remembered them, and creating series of photos really bring the day back to life. Here’s how we do it:

The story.

Your wedding album should tell the story of your wedding day, in a balanced way. You need a good mix of photojournalistic images, portraits, details and group shots to make sure your wedding album shows all key moments and people. Too much of one part of the day and too little of another will leave you with an album that is unbalanced and looks disjointed.

When I’m working with my couples to create their wedding albums, I often ask them to pick images from various parts of the day, to make sure there are no missing sections from the big day. I also ask them to focus on people, while I can make decisions of what documentary or detail images to include. Those in between images act as a glue that binds all of the sections of the day together and tell a comprehensive story of your day.

Depending on number of pages in an album, here are the images I often choose:

  • 1 intro photo that sets up the day
  • 6 – 8 getting ready shots, split between both the groom and the bride
  • 2 – 3 storytelling photos that set the stage and mood for the ceremony
  • Up to 8 ceremony photos
  • A couple of photojournalistic photos that prepare the viewer to the couple’s creative portraits
  • Up to 6 creative photos of the bride and groom
  • 2 – 3 photos of the bridal party
  • 8 – 16 reception shots (candid moments, speeches and dancing)
  • 1 outro photo that concludes the wedding day

Your wedding album is such a tangible reminder of a day lived and hopefully a place to return to often. Your wedding only lasts a few hours but the photos last for generations. As a married person, to me, my wedding album is truly an heirloom, something to pass down to our children and their children to show them where they came from.

Forget about “Should” 

Once piece of advice I would give to someone picking their images is to focus on wedding photos that you love, and don’t stress the images you feel you “should” include. Your wedding album is for you and it’s something you’ll look at over and over again in the future.  Choose those pictures that you absolutely adore and that remind you how you felt on your wedding day. These are the best of the best images that tell the story.

Parent Albums

We’ve made it so easy to look after albums for your parents. How? By making it possible to duplicate your album (that we’ve collaborated on together) in the exact design but at a smaller size for your folks. We find parents often feel overwhelmed with the task of having to go through all of your images to create albums for themselves and they really appreciate being gifted an exact copy of your beautiful album for their coffee table or cottage. We also have great incentives in place that even work to create copies for grandparents or siblings.

Ready to take your wedding pictures off your device and into your life? I know just the place to begin… Contact us here to pre-order your wedding album and get all your questions answered.