Cast Your Vote For Our Best Emotional Wedding Photos: ParentsVote for your favourite emotional wedding photo today

First of all, thank you sooo much for voting for our Best Wedding Ceremony Exit Photo last month. We received a great response on our blog and social media, and it was great to see you vote! We have announced the winning photo on our Instagram today – make sure you follow @mangostudios on Instagram to stay in the know!

For those of you who just joined us, #PickUrMango is a monthly photo contest where we choose a theme, and our team submits their BEST work to date, and you, yes YOU! get to vote for our best wedding photos.

I’m pumped to kick off this month’s #PickUrMango poll with another set of great photos.

This month’s theme is “Best Emotional Wedding Photo: Parents”! Capturing the raw, genuine parent’s emotions is something very important to me as I’d like to show the love and bond you share with your family. After all, weddings are all about sharing your joy and happiness with your loved ones, am I right?

The contest works as follows: I’ll list all the entries below, and you get to vote for your favorite one.

I’ve rounded up 9 emotional wedding photos of parents that our photographers took. Vote for your favorite one below!

Father’s embrace before the wedding ceremony  

This dad’s face when he saw his daughter on the morning of her wedding

This bride and her father who will always be by her side 

A bride and her mother’s emotional moment 

This bride’s loving kiss 

The father’s helping hand as the bride descends the staircase

This emotional father-of-the-bride reveal

This father’s tears of joy

And this father who totally can’t hold it together