Cast Your Vote For Our Best Wedding Exit Photo Now!It’s impossible not to be charmed by these wedding photos

I’m SO excited to kick off an exciting photo contest which I lovingly dubbed #PickUrMango 😉

Every month I will choose a theme, and our team will submit their BEST work to date, and I want you, yes YOU! to vote for our best wedding images.

This month’s theme is “Best Wedding Ceremony Exit” photos!
We are celebrating how much we love to capture those magical moments when you take your first steps together as a married couple as this is when those raw, genuine and happy emotions shine!

The contest will work as follows: I’ll list all the entries below, and you get to vote for your favorite one.

I’ve rounded up 7 wedding ceremony exit photos that our photographers took. Vote for your favorite one below!

This groom who performed his happy dance at the end of the ceremony

This fairytale bubble exit 

These happy emotions that are too strong to handle 

When your wedding party is as happy about your wedding as you are. 

When you love someone so much, you throw your hands up in the air!

When your best friends are also your loudest cheerleaders:

This sweet flower girl who stole the show:

This romantic post-ceremony balloons release:

When you’re happy, scream!