Cast Your Vote For Your Favourite Photo Of The Bride!Vote for your favourite bridal portrait today

Every month we are publishing our team’s pick for their favorite photos and ask you to choose the best one. I can’t thank you enough for participating in our previous photo contests! You can view the results of the Best Emotional Wedding Photo: Parents here and I am announcing the winner on our Instagram @mangostudios – make sure you follow!

For those of you who just joined us, #PickUrMango is a monthly photo contest where we choose a theme, and our team submits their BEST work to date, and you, yes YOU! get to vote for our best wedding photos.

I’m hitting you with another #PickUrMango poll today, and this time I’d love you to cast your vote for your favorite photo of the bride!

This month’s theme is “Favourite Photo of the Bride”! Our goal is always to capture flawless, beautiful portraits that tell something about the person we are photographing. Whether it’s the way they carry themselves or how they look at their loved ones, down to every small gesture that makes them unique. In true Mango fashion, these bridal portraits freeze time while beautifully telling a story of the bride.

The contest works as follows: I’ll list all the entries below, and you get to vote for your favorite one.

I’ve rounded up 21 (!) bridal portraits that capture the essence of every beautiful bride. Vote for your favorite one below!

The bride and the sweet flower girls

This dramatic Florentine light 

The pure elegance 

This countryside view 

The bride moments before the ceremony 

This cheerful twirl

Getting ready with the girls

The calm morning 

This bride and her pooch

The dancing queen

Surrounded by the people who hold you up

The mirror reflection

Putting on the dress

This veil of dreams

The morning light 

The stylish bow

The portrait of the bride before the First Look

This modern portrait

The princess’ dress

This tender gaze 

The final touch

  • Cassi Ryan said:

    This Bride and Her Pooch - this airy light - PRESCIOUS!!!!!