The Gardiner Museum Wedding You’re Going To Fall In Love WithInside the chic and classy Toronto wedding

Simple, elegant, and beyond perfect … three words that come to mind as I mull over Brittany and Lyndon’s The Gardiner Museum wedding in Toronto. Check it out below:

Longtime sweethearts, Brittany and Lyndon bonded over their mutual love for art, music, and movies. They are both incredibly sweet and kind, and their love is so genuine and sincere, it radiated on their wedding day! I really loved getting to know them and their family. From the bride’s getting ready at her family house in the morning down to their heartfelt ceremony and the crazy fun hora at the beginning of the reception, there were so many great moments that day! It’s really hard for me to pinpoint my favorite one. I especially loved hanging out with just the two of them during their creative wedding photo session showing them my favorite parts of Bloor and Bay area.

Over the 12 years that I’ve been in the wedding industry, I realized what works best for me is taking a step back and giving my couples their space during their couple’s photos. I won’t direct them to a certain spot but would rather guide them to a general area that photographs beautifully. This way they can choose to move freely and do what feels natural to them such as: throwing arms around each other, planting kisses and waltzing. My aim is to always try to weave my way around and simply let my couples enjoy their wedding day while taking natural and effortless looking photos along the way. See? Taking your wedding photos doesn’t have to feel forced after all.

This is exactly what we did with Brittany and Lyndon. I knew that they are into modern architecture, so I took them to my favorite spots around their wedding venue. As much as I love epic backdrops in nature, I also love the challenge of elevating an ordinary street scene. Of course, it helps when you get to work with two souls who are anything but ordinary! Sleek, modern lines complemented Brittany’s modern dress and I loved how the two looked against the city scene. When I asked Brittany what attracted her to Mango Studios’ photography she mentioned that she loved the effortless portraits that look natural and authentic. In order to achieve that polished, but laid-back look, I floated around Brittany and Lyndon allowing the little moments unfold naturally. I think it’s during these moments that everyone forgets they’re being photographed and the really beautiful and genuine reactions and moments come out.

Planned and designed by Melissa Baum with Brittany and Lyndon’s own modern and minimalist aesthetic in mind, their wedding ceremony and reception featured ultra-modern and sleek elements using black and white color palette. I really loved how everything, from the flowers to the graphic seating chart, added sculptural sensibility focusing on modern sleek lines with an architectural sense of structure and three-dimensionality. Starting with a blank slate, Melissa Baum and her team layered texture and modern design details to accentuate the venue’s beautiful interior. The talented florists at Nous Design Group used pretty white flowers and chic tropical leaves to bring that graphic element into the decor. All in all, this ultra modern, black and white Gardiner Museum is a proof you don’t need color to make your wedding decor pop!

With almost 200 of their family and friends, Brittany and Lyndon’s wedding was non-stop fun from the moment guests arrived. Guests gathered closely for an intimate ceremony, followed by cocktails at the Gardiner Museum’s terrace and balcony, and a family-style dinner set inside the Museum’s gallery space. It was an evening of fun and lots of dancing that was only topped by the heartfelt and warm speeches that completed the evening.

Brittany and Lyndon, thank you so much for making us a part of your celebration! We had such a great time with you and your family. I’d like to wish you long years of happy marriage, art, love, and pure bliss!

Planner: Melissa Baum
Florist: Nous Design Group
Wedding dress: Jenny Packham
Wedding venue: The Gardiner Museum