Sunny Miami Beach Engagement Session

There’s nothing better than a sunny Miami Beach engagement session!  David and Geanderson were serious troopers.  They met me at sun rise on the beautiful beach of South beach Miami at 24th and ocean drive just after a night out on vacation.  We trolled through the white sand and played on in rolling waves to capture some candid and fun moments of the soon to be married couple.  We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day – when you pair two people that are head over heels for each other, sunny, South Florida weather, and fine, white sand – magic shines through! David and Geanderson’s playful personalities, mixed with tender moments made them a complete joy for us to photograph. There was no need to pose these two, they are total naturals.  Just like almost all of my couples, Before our miami beach engagement session, David and Geanderson mentioned they are uncomfortable in front of a camera.  Well you sure can’t tell!  These two seemed like professional models.  I always encourage my couples to play and giggle and be their goofy natural selves.  When it comes to photographing an engagement session, one of the most important things is for me to talk to clients in advance about the flow of a typical engagement shoot. I like to explain that if I give a prompt suggestion, it’s a starting-off point and doesn’t have to be taken literally if the couple has their own ideas. I like to give prompts rather than poses.  Some prompts may include chatting with each other and myself, tickling, playing and anything that distracts the couple from the fact that there is a camera in their face.  This allows for a more natural and relaxed photo shoot.

We can’t wait to share in their celebration of love on their big day this year!

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