Romantic Garden Wedding in Caledon

From the moment I saw a setup of this garden wedding in Caledon, Ontario I knew it was going to be an awe-inspiring celebration. Amanda and Hamza are both such beautiful people, and somehow that gets kicked up a notch when they are together.

Caledon’s Royal Ambassador was the perfect venue to host this romantic garden wedding, infused with intricate details and pastel hues. Delicate floral design by Rachel A. Clingen turned this already fairy-tale like venue into a true wonderland.

What stood out the most was a picture-perfect sweet table designed and arranged by Truffle Cake & Pastry. I was thinking a lot about what makes for a stunning dessert table, and I wrote down a few ideas.

Here are top 3 things to consider when creating a wedding sweet table:

1. Height

What really makes a sweet table unique is its height. This is a key element that makes it easy to photograph and turn it into a Pin-worthy masterpiece. Playing around with its depth will create visually interesting angles and bring out its main piece, such as this hand-crafted wedding cake by Nadia & Co.

2. Attention to Details

Amanda and Hamza’s garden wedding was full of gorgeous details, each of them beautifully displayed in a picture-perfect setting. Masterminds behind Truffle Cake & Pastry hand-painted each one of the French macarons and glazed donuts with gold flecks with their own hands. All of these details made for one sweet table to remember.

3. Decor Elements

The final piece to creating a stunning sweet table are its elements of decor. These small, but very important details will add finishing touches to your table and really fill out the scene in your wedding pictures. Everything from antique jewelry boxes, to Rachel A Clingen flowers, to Happily Ever After vintage furniture spoke to sophistication and romance, complemented the wedding’s garden theme.

Below are some of my favourite shots from this romantic garden wedding in Caledon. Amanda and Hamza, you were such amazing and beautiful hosts! I wish you both long years of happiness and joy!

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