Playful Spoke Club Wedding in Toronto

We met and hit it off with Samira at our dinner party back in June. She was super kind, smart, and a real pleasure to talk with. When she later connected with us about her upcoming Spoke Club wedding in Toronto, we jumped at the chance to be a part of her day and boy did we love working with her and Jason! Samira wore a beautiful gown by Allure Bridals with gorgeous accessories by Tara Fava Jewellery. She and Jason are both crazy dog lovers – they brought their dog, Cashew, to their first look and he even walked down the aisle with Jason! A real man’s best friend 🙂 They truly trusted us with the direction of the photos for their day and we had so much fun walking around UofT and in and out of the Spoke Club which was beautifully transformed in burgundy, blush, ivory flowers by Dandie Andie Floral Design. The final touch was swapping out a traditional wedding cake for donuts from Glory Hole. Their day was so relaxed, with lot’s of laughter, jokes, moments of surprise and overall a real and good time shared with family and friends. Congratulations Samira and Jason!


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