QUIZ: Find Out Which Wedding Dress Trend Is The One For You!From whimsy boho to sleek and modern, which dress style will you choose?

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Calling out to all the brides-to-be and fashion lovers out there! Have you narrowed down your favourite wedding dress trends? Choosing a wedding dress can be one of the hardest decisions you make when planning your Big Day. With hundreds of eyes glued to your every move, you want to make sure you’ve made the right choice. You are going to look back on these images for years to come so don’t you want to look back be like “Damn girl, you look good!”?

With so many wedding dress styles going on, it’s only understandable if you feel a bit overwhelmed…  Take a deep breath and exhale. We’ve got a quiz that will set you on the right track to finding your dream dress!

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What Wedding Dress Style Is The One For You?
Romantic (aka Princess Dress)

It looks like someone has royal-wedding-fever! The wedding dress trend that fits your wedding is the romantic ball gown. Having that fairytale wedding has always been a dream of yours. And now, the time has come to make that childhood dream of yours a reality. Your wedding day will be grand, regal and fit for the Queen herself. So obviously, your wedding dress will feel the same way. Wedding dresses in this style are majestically romantic and definitely make you feel like a princess. Not to mention, oh-so-flattering! With a cinched waist and a beautiful shape of excess tulle, you will be the belle of your ball. Say hello your happily ever after in your magical gown!
Modern Minimalism

You’re not a traditionalist. You love art, design and clean edges. With such refined taste, minimalism is the wedding dress trend that best fits your style. Whether your wedding is at a modern art gallery or an industrial loft, you need a dress that matches this modern sensibility. This wedding trend is all about keeping things sophisticated but without all the fuss. Gowns in this style focus on fashion-forward hemlines, sleek silhouettes and elegant drapery. Whether your dress is structural or loose, silky or matte, you are going to create a vibe that feels totally like you!
Refined Elegance

When it comes to being glamorous, you’re hard to beat. You like the finer things in life; you have a thing for objects that radiate a certain level of luxuriousness and sophistication. On your wedding day, your dress will be no different. The 2019 wedding dress trend that speaks to you is all about refined elegance. Wedding dresses in this style are so Hollywood and completely red-carpet-ready. Your wedding day look is going to be an absolute show-stopper. Whether there are lots of ornate details like beading and appliques, or dramatic styles like plunging necklines and long veils, it’s going to be legendary. Honestly, your guests will be talking about this for years to come.
Boho Goddess

Watch out Stevie Nicks; there’s a new mystical goddess in town. With your love for things vintage and whimsical, this wedding dress style that fits your vibe is totally boho. Inspired by the brides from decades past, you aren’t as concerned with what the hottest trends are. Your look will definitely stray from expected bridal attire. That doesn’t mean you are caught in a timewarp. You can certainly add some modern touches to your wedding day fashions. You’ll be checking out some excellent second-hand stores to create a look that is bold, unique and totally you.

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