Rainy Wedding Day TipsEmbrace your wedding day, whatever the weather is!

What if it rains on your wedding day

If you’ve been living in Toronto for at least three years, you know by now that the weather here is full of surprises and kind of has a mind of its own. Rain happens. Even on your Big Day. I know it’s frustrating to see the weatherman forecast a rainy wedding day. Trust me, I’m checking the weather channel every day and every hour before the Big Day, too! While I could sit there annoyed at my bad luck, I decide to relax and figure out a Plan B. And that’s what you should do, too.

One of the joys of a rainy wedding day is overcast light that is more forgiving in any direction than hard sun light can be. During Daniela and Marco wedding’s creative session in the photos below, we were hit with classic Toronto rain clouds for a portion of the session. It allowed us to shoot in places with soft enough light that I’d normally stay away from during that time of day because of harsh sunlight. See, the harsh sunlight coming through trees would leave a green tint on anything below it and dark shadows. But because it was such a nice overcast day, Daniela and Marco’s skin tones are spot on!

When coming up with a Plan B, I ask my couples to include umbrellas, rainy boots and tents in their wedding photos because we like to shoot in natural light as much as possible. Great excuse to have some fun under the rain, right? Umbrellas add a bit of old-school glamour that looks classy in wedding photos, against a sweeping gown and your close embraces. From an artistic standpoint, rains are a unique, natural backdrop to your wedding photos and make up for one of the most romantic and memorable moments. It’s not a surprise that a few of my favourite weddings were shot in rain!

Long story short, relax. Put aside some time to mentally and physically prepare for the rainy wedding day and enjoy it! The show must go on regardless of the weather conditions, so embrace it! You won’t even remember the showers as the time will pass. What you will be left with is warm wedding photographs full of your laughter and eyes sparkling with happiness and joy of your Big Day. As they say, rain drops on your wedding day are teardrops saved.

As seen in Wedding Trends Magazine.

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