Top 5 Reasons To Rent A Wedding Photo Booth

By now, we’ve all experienced the magic of a wedding photo booth. There is something truly entertaining about posing and playing with props, and instantly seeing those silly images come to life on screen or print.  This sure-fire addition to any wedding or party is just plain F-U-N! You’re giving your guests the opportunity to let loose and pose like the Queen Bee they want to be. They control the fun (and the button) so it’s like taking professional-style selfies!

We’ve seen the hilarity of the wedding photo booth first hand at many of the receptions we’ve had the pleasure of photographing. Here are just a few reasons why having this addition would make for killer moments to remember:

All Ages Fun

It’s truly mystifying seeing the most unlikely of people step in front of the backdrop and strike a pose. They’re not just fun for the young generation! They’re amazing entertainment for guests of all ages. You may think that your Great Aunt Bethany wouldn’t pop in for a round of photos, but trust us, she won’t need convincing to get in on the fun. Your guests, young and old will have a blast with our photo booth experience.


Photo Booth Props

Keep Guests Mingling

Having a wedding photo booth is a great conversation starter for guests who may not know each other. We have 9 different backdrops to offer, each with it’s own personality and flare as well as a tickle-trunk of props that rivals Ms. Dress Up closet to give you and your guests plenty of fun to pose with. These will sure get the networking ball rolling.  The Mango wedding Photo booth offers different options for your photo booth fun. Each of them offer something different to get your guests in the mood for some serious entertainment. All of them provide guests with 3-hours of photo booth fun, your choice of backdrops and props, and an attendant to make sure nothing unexpected happens. Sounds about right? You can also print the images right on the spot, or get the image instantly sent to you via text or email, allowing you and your guests to download professionally edited images from the night’s shenanigans and instantly socially share.  Had too many cocktails and can’t remember where you put your photos, not to worry all of the photos are also instantly uploaded to a high resolution gallery where all guest can see ALL of the photos from the event. Boom!

All Ages Fun at Photo Booth

Capture All Of Your Guests

The wedding photo booth is a great way to capture all of your guests on a professional camera during that special occasion without having to do those mundane portraits or table shots.  Its an interactive, creative and FUN way to guarantee each and everyone of your friends and family at your event are photographed.  The worst feeling is finding out that some of the most important guests on your day weren’t caught on camera. Well the photo booth solves this problem!

wedding photo booth

Great Looking Images

Instead of having your guests send you a collection of badly lit and composed iPhone photos of your event, the photo booth is a great way to get professional quality photos done with in-studio lighting set-up to guarantee your guests look their best. With a professional DSLR camera and careful set up, the flash goes off giving you a crisp, clean image at a high quality resolution.

Photo Booth Ideas

Instant Sharing

Our two major packages, the Social and Print Bar booth are where the real fun happens. Each of these options offers something monumental to you and your guests. With the Social Booth your guests are given the power to share, like, and hashtag their love for your party in an instant. And by that we mean social media sharing. They can instantly upload their photos from the booth on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for all their friends and followers to see. Because, we all know it’s pictures or it didn’t happen.

Photo Booth Tips

The list doesn’t end on this. We also offer some additional add-ons to all wedding photo booth packages. You have the option to add additional time, custom backdrops (there are no colour schemes we cannot match!), and various frames for your print bar photos. However, by far the best add-on we offer is the custom designed fine art photo book. You’ll have your photo booth photos compiled and beautifully arranged into a stunning album so you could have a tangible keepsake of the bond you have with the people you love.

We know that each event and party is unique. We offer custom quotes to match your needs and ensure you have the greatest fun. You’ll love seeing your friends and family let loose and get in the party mood.

To check out our photo booth in action visit our Photo Booth page or send us an email inquiry via our Contact Form.