Romantic Distillery District Wedding in TorontoSirini and Nesakan's wedding at the Fermenting Cellar

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Everything about Sirini and Nesakan’s beautiful Distillery District wedding in Toronto just screams romance! Sirini and Nesakan have been together for over 10 years and were planning their wedding for half of it. Their story began at the local McDonalds, where Nesakan used to work. Sirini caught his eye and he would leave messages to Sirini on receipts when she would check out. So cute! When it came to their wedding vows he wrote his notes on the only paper that seemed suitable, a McDonalds receipt. It doesn’t get more romantic than that.

When I arrived to photograph them, the couple were already dressed to the nines. The bride wore an elegant lace gown by Rue de Seine, and the groom wore a sharp, plum suit which made for the perfect combination between modern and timeless. The combo of the two outfits together made for some of the prettiest wedding portraits.

Sirini and Nesakan mentioned they loved natural light so it’s no surprise they chose our team at Mango Studios. I was inspired by their love of sunshine when shooting their wedding day. You can find the most flattering light only if you know where to look for it, so I based all my decisions for their portrait locations solely on the quality of light. The result is airy wedding photos, filled with a magical afternoon glow. We took Sirini and Nesakan for a stroll through Osgoode Hall, and it was the perfect place for city lovers. With just the right amount of classic and urban detailing, this city photo location makes for a beautiful backdrop at any time of the year.

Sirini and Nesakan told me how meticulous they were in their decor choices, and I loved how each piece had a specific reason for being there so I paid close attention when shooting the details. Their ceremony backdrop was definitely a show stopper and is really one of a kind. We were obsessed with taking pictures of it! Candles lit the way up the aisle creating nice leading lines in photographs and complimented the simple decor that accompanied the ceremony backdrop. With simple floral details, the Fermenting Cellar came to life and created a romantic, timeless feel that set the tone in all the right ways from start to finish.

The reception room featured the same elegance and simplicity, mirroring the ceremony green backdrop. What caught my attention was their alternative to a sweet table; a fruit arrangement, that added a summer flare to the party.

Sirini and Nesakan’s wedding was definitely one to remember. However, the most touching part about their wedding day was the fact that it was so crystally clear how genuinely in love they are and I loved how that happiness came through in their pictures. I hit the dance floor hard at the end of my wedding coverage – that alone shows how much I enjoyed the wedding! The night was filled with happy faces and meaningful decor that added that extra bit of extravagance that sets this wedding apart! Sirini and Nesakan, thank you so much for making me feel so welcomed. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

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