Top 4 Reasons to Have a First Look

To do, or not to do a First Look? What are your thoughts on seeing each other pre-ceremony? Through my experience, I realized that spending that quality, personal time together earlier in the wedding day fuels your emotions for when the magical moment finally comes that you see each other at the altar. First Looks can add anticipation, electricity, and passion to your ceremony – they get to your heart. It doesn’t take away the magic; it simply gives you many more unique moments of your day to experience, more emotions for you to bask in, and many more memories for you to cherish.

Here are my top 4 reasons for having a First Look:

First Look Wedding Photo in Toronto

1. A Moment Only For You

There’s a special feeling when a groom sees his bride for the first time. With no one watching and no guests around, you can let your raw, real emotions flow and savour this very personal, intimate moment together. Tobin’s reaction, on the image above, when he saw his bride for the first time minutes before their ceremony outside of Steam Whistle, is priceless.

First Look Wedding Photo in Toronto

2. A Moment of Realization

A lot will happen on your wedding day morning: guests will be entertained, meals will be served, your dress unpacked, bridesmaids sent to the ceremony venue. The First Look stops time for a little while, and in this crazy mosaic of events, it gives you a moment of realization of what is actually happening on the day. On the image above, a few seconds later Sohrab will see his bride coming down the stairs at Grand Liberty and will be overwhelmed with joy and importance of the day. It’s a very strong and powerful feeling, and the First Look captures it perfectly.

First Look Wedding Photo in Casa Loma

3. Saving Time

Usually, when there’s no First Look session, the portraits are taken during the cocktail reception leaving guests unattended. That’s why I always recommend my couples consider having a First Look moment. One of my all-time favourite couples on the image above, Cara and Matt chose to have a First Look outside the Graydon Hall, so they could jump right into reception after the ceremony. It saves time and allows them to join their guests who are eager to congratulate the newlyweds.  

First Look wedding photo in Malaparte Toronto

4. Double The Magic

Some are worried that the First Look take away the traditional wedding day magic. From my experience, I can tell that seeing each other for the first time and walking down the aisle are two completely different emotions. Jennifer and Graham, on the image above, opted for a First Look right outside Toronto’s Malaparte and their ceremony pictures were as equally charming.

First Look wedding photo in Toronto

I’d like to think of a First Look as Wedding Time Machine. Out of all the business, anxiety, nerves, and excitement of the day, a First Look is one of those moments that stick in your memory because you let your raw, honest emotions go. The time will pass, but that feeling will stay, like being transported to a whole other universe which is only accessible to the two of you.