Striking Wedding at Jump Restaurant in Toronto

Mmmm … last minute weddings are awesome.  Sometimes, you get so wrapped up in a day that it goes by too quick – as was the case with Nika and Sina. They were fun, easy going, and up for anything!  The reception was held at one of Oliver & Bonacini’s YUMMY restaurants in Toronto called Jump.  Jump Restaurant combines a classic style with sleek modern eclecticism. The sky high glass atrium, dramatic lighting elements, signature New York style bar, and courtyard patio provided the perfect backdrop for this intimate wedding.

The couple left us plenty of time to take pictures and we ended up shooting at the same location they had their very first date, Evergreen Brickworks and the Financial District.  The ceremony took place in Sina’s family backyard.  As we were shooting this small and intimate event, we couldn’t help but feel like family.

Thanks for including us Nika and Sina!  We love you both.

xo Michelle

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