What Sets Mango Studios Apart From Other Wedding PhotographersThe MANGO Difference

So you’ve gotten engaged.. KUDOS!  And now the daunting yet exciting task of wedding planning begins.  You’ve locked in a venue, date and now you open up your laptop and google search the term Wedding photographer, only to find hundreds if not thousands of wedding photographers.  Where do you start?  How do you know who’s who and what is what.  Well let me start by explaining Mango, how we came to be and what really sets us apart and what has ranked us the top wedding studio.

Twelve years ago, on an idle Sunday afternoon, the young and dashing Mo sat down with the talented and beautiful Nancy to come up with a name for a company they were about to create. They wrote down the letters of their own names and voila! Mo And Nancy GOvindji shaped MANGO. Magic! And MANGO Studios was born.

The MANGO Family now lives happily ever after: a family of passionate artists, photographers, and designers who made it their life’s work to move minds and hearts with their photographs. We strive to make permanence of life’s big events – weddings, family gatherings, newborns – you know, all the good stuff. Our goal is to carry on a tangible legacy from one generation to the next through our photographs.

  1. The MANGO Approach

When it comes to photography, what is the difference with MANGO you ask? It all starts with people and that means YOU. We are visual storytellers first and foremost. Our approach is driven by your unique story, who you are, your personal tastes, and interests. We believe that a strong relationship is a foundation for creating impeccable photography that tells a real story of who you are and your big day. That is why we approach your wedding day photography with this fundamental approach of getting to know YOU.

Our approach is organic and seamless. We strive to capture the organic moments and the raw, genuine emotions of your wedding day. We also appreciate all of the in-between moments that otherwise go unnoticed – the moments you forget all of the noise, the moments that are not forced or posed.

  1. The MANGO Style

We believe in prompting not posing. That is why our style is elegant, timeless, natural and time and time again, magazine-worthy. Each image is made with a striking balance of creative attention to detail and photojournalistic style. Think of the greatest photographs that move you. Most of the time, they are strong, candid photographs that show a range of human emotion: love, compassion, tears of joy and the sweet taste of accomplishment. This is why we believe that great wedding photography comes down to the people, the emotions, and the places that make it meaningful.

When it comes to portraits, our style stays the same. We are big believers in beautiful, effortless wedding portraits, where your true personality and happiness can shine through. Every couple’s dynamic is different, and we love when your wedding pictures show this off and your happiness comes out naturally. That is why you will see us gently modifying your natural stance as opposed to full on directing, to make sure you look effortlessly gorgeous and natural, especially in your wedding photographs.

3. The MANGO Guarantee

What you get when you invest in MANGO is peace of mind. As wedding photographers, we often hear our couples ask, “What if something happens to my wedding photographer?” There are no what if’s, coulda’s or shoulda’s! We always have a talented lead photographer on standby every weekend to sub in in case of emergencies. Between the day we shoot your wedding and when the final images get delivered to you, your cherished wedding images are kept backed up and secure. It’s like having an insurance policy others cannot provide.

4. The MANGO Quality

Oftentimes, wedding photography studios use 3rd party editing and design services to lower their overhead. This leads to an inconsistent style and an overall lower editing quality. This is not the case at MANGO. From our hand-picked, seasoned photographers to our in-studio design team, everything is done in-house at our studio. We are big believers in keeping our talent close to our couples to ensure the best quality.

We are also reinvesting our financial resources in our team because we have hired the very best graphic designers and professional retouchers who come from top design and business firms.

To ensure that magic MANGO look, we provide ongoing in-house training. We have an intensive 4-6 month educational MANGO program that all lead photographers are required to complete. All of our team members work with us full-time and are constantly working to improve their skills and craft. We do things like team-building and peer reviews to ensure that we’re constantly getting better.

  1. The MANGO Family

Over the past 12 years, we’ve been blessed to work with some of the most amazing humans on this planet. From our beautiful brides, grooms, wedding industry peers, designers, photographers and everyone in between, our MANGO family has grown into something very special.

It’s because of each and every single one of these people that MANGO STUDIOS always ranks as the top Wedding Photographer in Toronto, Miami, and many of the cities we shoot in. Being the best wedding photographer means always working harder and continuing to push the wedding industry forward with our clients in mind. We stand by the photographs we create, from how they are thoughtfully planned in advance to the intention from which they are executed during a shoot. Because of this, we hope that every photo, every print, and every page in your wedding album honors the meaning in your life.

Once you book us as your wedding photographers, you also become a part of our MANGO community – our big, beautiful, close-knit family. Together, we share an enormous love for life’s most special events, all the people in them, and a fundamental passion for photography. Thank you for being a part of our family.

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