What You Need To Know if COVID-19 is Affecting Your WeddingDon't forget to wash your hands!

Try to keep calm, we got you!

Wedding planning is hard enough as is, never mind throwing in a pandemic to slow everything down. This is such an uncertain and stressful time and you probably have a hundred questions and worries. Rest assured, as we have tried our best to answer your questions. We hope you can find joy during your time at home. Our goal is to provide you with information and reassure you that if your wedding is affected by COVID-19 that there will be a plan in place to make your big day happen.

Whether your wedding is scheduled to take place in Toronto, your hometown, or abroad, COVID-19 is affecting most places in the world currently and we understand that you might need to schedule your date.

Your guests might fear flying if you have a destination wedding, or you might be worried that the pandemic lasts longer than a few months. It’s important to inform yourself about the virus so that you know whether you need to reschedule your wedding or not to a later date.

More Information on Coronavirus

Are you still open?
We are taking ‘social distancing’ measures as advised by the Canadian Health Officials. For the safety of our team and clients, we are currently working from home. We are still operating our business as usual and will be available through calls, emails and are offering online appointments.

What do I do if I need to reschedule my wedding date?
We will work together with you to accommodate any changes made to your wedding day. Get in touch with us info@mangostudios.com

What if I have a destination wedding?
We will be following guidelines, rules, and predictions from CDC and WHO to decide whether or not it is safe for our team to travel for your wedding. All destination weddings occurring within the next 8 weeks will have to be rescheduled with our team.

What if my wedding is not in the next 3 months, but still in 2020?
CDC currently recommends no gathering of more than 50 people for the next 8 weeks. We are currently rescheduling weddings that fall under that timeline. Our team is following the situation closely and will be reviewing our decisions on a weekly basis. As things unfold, we will work together with you to accommodate changes made to your wedding day.

I was planning on booking with you for 2021, are you going to be filling up quicker due to COVID-19?
Yes, a lot of weddings will now be rescheduled until later in the year or will be moved into 2021. We recommend booking your date with us as soon as possible so that we can ensure your special day on our calendar.

Is there a plan in place for rebooking?
Currently, you must rebook within 12 months of your original wedding date, and before March 31, 2021.

What happens if my photographer or 2nd photographer gets sick?
We always have an available MANGO lead photographer available to cover in the case of an emergency. We are fully prepared to deal with the most challenging situations.

Will production times be pushed back?
With health and safety measures in place, we will expect some delays to your albums and prints productions.
As many events and weddings are being moved to a later date in 2020 or to 2021, we anticipate a busier post-production work towards those times. To ensure quality service, we encourage you to take this moment as an opportunity to work on your wedding album and artworks. This will greatly help our team in making sure that we can deliver quality service and products to our customers.

Please know that our commitment to you is our priority. We appreciate all the support we have received so far in this difficult time. We believe that our community is stronger as one. Let us be kind to one another and tackle this issue together!