This Bridal Shower at Graydon Hall Manor Will Transport You To ItalyBright and colourful bridal shower at Graydon Hall Manor







Sierra’s colorful bridal shower at Graydon Hall Manor took us straight to the sunny Amalfi Coast! Designed and planned by Sincerely Yours Events and decorated by the ever-so-talented team at Rachel A. Clingen Wedding and Event Design, this elaborate affair is an absolute Bridal Shower Goal!

When Sierra stepped into our studio for her initial wedding photography consultation, I knew we were going to click right away. She is bright, lively, easy-going and is such a pleasure to be around! She loved Mango Studios’ effortless and editorial style of photography and wanted her bridal shower photos to be exactly that: candid, genuine, happy and bright. It was really easy to achieve as Sierra and her girls’ cheerful personalities and excited demeanor were apparent in every photo I took!

Driving inspiration from her family background, Sierra envisioned a bright and sunny Italian-inspired celebration to kick off her wedding planning preparation. When researching the different event venues in Toronto, she stumbled across the beautiful Graydon Hall Manor. It reminded her of a charming villa you can find in the Amalfi Coast. It was decided! She would host her ultimate Italian bridal shower in this iconic space! With the help of Sincerely Yours Events and Rachel A. Clingen’s eye for design, she transformed the venue into an Italian garden filled with blooming trees, the abundance of flowers and southern fruits. Topping it all off with a personalized mercato (Italian for “market”) and some shiny colourfull Vespas.

Entering the Graydon Hall Manor’s courtyard, guests were directed to either Mercato Massara (the bride’s family name) or Piazza Perugini (the groom’s family name). The Piazza Perugini was located right at from of the venue featuring the groom’s favorite cars and colorful Vespas. Once the guests made their way into the garden, they were invited to join the outdoor market where they could choose from a variety of Italian-themed party favors: artisanal cheese boards, delicate china plates, and luxury cooking items were amongst the diverse selection. Talk about unique party favors!

The surprises didn’t end there. Once the cocktail hour was over, everyone was invited to step inside to share brunch with a bride-to-be. The Graydon Hall Manor was transformed into a lush southern garden infused with over-the-top colorful blooms, peaches, lemons, and limes! I especially loved the wooden garden boxes that the floral centerpieces were planted in. With their rustic texture, they added a finishing touch that completed the garden bridal shower theme.

In the middle of the second reception area, there was a sweet table awaiting the guests. Following the Italian theme, it featured a three-tier cake with southern plants and fruits lovingly painted on it. Other desserts included sugar peaches, glazed doughnuts and peach-flavored macaroons by Nadia & Co and Truffle Cake & Pastry.

Sierra, thank you so much for making me part of your sunny bridal shower! It was such a pleasure to get to know you and your wonderful family. I’m so excited for your upcoming wedding and looking forward to seeing you again!

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Photography: Mango Studios
Planner & decor design: Sincerely Yours Events
Floral & decor design: Rachel A. Clingen Wedding and Event Design
Cake & sweet table: Nadia & Co
Doughnuts: Truffle Cake & Pastry
Venue: Graydon Hall Manor