This Four Seasons Hampshire Wedding Is a Fairy Tale Come TrueSecret-garden inspired destination wedding in UK

When Agnes and Richard invited the team at MANGO Studios to photograph their Four Seasons Hampshire wedding in London, UK we were thrilled to be a part of such a beautiful celebration! Both Agnes and Richard had been living in the UK at the time, and they wanted us to capture the English Countryside feel of their wedding. As I began to channel my inner Jane Austen on the plane, I imagined taking their wedding photos in a beautiful green field, filled with roses and picnic baskets. No surprise, this is exactly what Agnes and Richard envisioned for their special day!

Agnes and Richard first met in a taxi on a rainy day in Vancouver. Doesn’t it sound like a beginning chapter of a romance novel? Richard confessed to me that he was so blown away by Agnes’ beauty, he couldn’t stop talking as he nervously tried to come up with ideas on how to get her attention. On the other hand, Agnes had a long day that day and she felt like Richard was talking too much! Nevertheless, the two exchanged numbers at the end of the ride and this is how their story began. Fast forward a few years later, the two have been traveling the world and living in Singapore when Richard decided to ask the most important question. Agnes told me: “One afternoon he asked me to meet him at a location I had never been to in Singapore which turned out to be a baking studio where he arranged for a private baking class. We spent the afternoon baking pistachio and passion fruit macarons. While we were laughing at our final products (it was apparent which macaroons were mine and which were his), I hear my favorite song playing in the background and when I turned around he was down on one knee.”

As both Agnes and Richard envisioned a soft and romantic feel to their wedding, our approach to photography was also dreamy and unobtrusive. Delicate bridal portraits, soft morning light, and a romantic garden creative drew inspiration from Agnes’ favorite English novels. I had a great time with the two exploring the Four Seasons Hampshire massive 500-acre territory. I’m so glad we had enough time to take photos at various locations inside the venue, including the rustic horse farm, rolling emerald fields, and the beautiful garden. It goes without saying that architecture and photography go hand in hand, and one of my favorite photos from their day is the photo that I used as a cover for this blog post.

Taking place at the Four Seasons Hampshire’s historic building, their wedding reception was a spectacular experience! As Agnes and Richard wanted their guests to experience the English Countryside, they decided to bring the outdoors inside. Thus, lush, 12ft olive trees and loose greenery turned the ballroom into an enchanted English garden. They also added a gorgeous 9ft. arch with greenery and ivory roses with a hanging chandelier to complete the look. It was incredibly soft and romantic. Agnes herself hand-painted 100 English forest animals gold and placed them throughout the tables. The room was largely lit by hundreds of candles and the air was filled with a romantically magic ambiance!

Matthew Oliver from Matthew Oliver Weddings and Paula Rooney Flowers added magical touches to the dessert table, where candles that resembled fireflies illuminated the space. When I asked Agnes what was it like to put together such an elaborate destination wedding, this is what she said: “I had been a bridesmaid 5 times before getting married myself so I had much experience planning, and I had a lot of great help. Planning was so much fun and a truly international experience. I tried on dresses in Hong Kong, New York, Seoul, Toronto, and Vancouver, and our guests were RSVP-ing from all corners of the globe including Australia, Asia, North America and Europe!”

Everyone had such a great time at the reception, some continued the party in the bridal suite. The night ended at about 4 am with a group of us lying in the grass, staring at the stars while playing Frank Sinatra from an iPhone.

All in all, this romantic Four Seasons Hampshire wedding was a fairytale come true, and we are so grateful to Agnes and Richard for making us a part of this incredible trip! Agnes and Richard, we wish you to have plenty of unforgettable travels, laughter and stories together!

Planner: Matthew Oliver Weddings
Floral design: Paula Rooney Flowers
Wedding venue: Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire