Bride Getting Ready PhotosDoing It Right

A bride getting ready on the morning of her wedding

Out of all of the thrill and excitement that comes with a wedding day, spending time photographing a bride getting ready is my favorite. And what’s there not to love? The early hours are usually filled with warmth, the happy chatter of bridesmaids and groomsmen and all the excitement that comes with last-minute touch-ups leading to a Big Reveal. Whether you’re getting ready in a hotel suite or your home, always remember there is a photographer in the room. Here are some things I like my brides to keep in mind to help get beautiful getting ready shots:

1. Look for a room with a lot of natural light.

As a wedding photographer, I pay so much attention to light. Make sure that the room you’re getting ready in is naturally well lit and has a large window. The gentle morning light provides for the most tender bridal portraits and brings out that magic glow on the bride’s face. When looking for a bridal suite or choosing a room in your house, look for a window you can stand in front of to get those ethereal, flattering getting ready photos.

2. Polishing your environment.

Another thing to remember is being mindful of your surroundings. The first thing I do when I enter the bride’s room is to ask bridesmaids to help me to clear the clutter or call room service to clean up a hotel suite. Here at MANGO, we pride ourselves on a clean and polished style of wedding photographs, and sometimes I take this little extra step to guarantee a polished final look. I’m a complete sucker for minimalism and my motto is “if something doesn’t add to the story, it takes away from the images.” Without clutter to draw your eyes in different directions, you look deeper into the moments captured.

3. What you and your bridesmaids wear is important. 

Sometimes all it takes to elevate those getting ready photos to a magazine-worthy level is to opt for a silky robe as opposed to the comfy, but old t-shirt & shorts combo. This applies to everyone in the room – even the bridesmaids! So, glam up, pop a bottle of champagne and enjoy your getting ready photos! I also really like when my bride and bridesmaids wear matching pajamas. The bride getting ready photos look so cozy this way and give your wedding photos a very homey and relaxed feel.

4. Deciding on where to get ready.

Personally, I really like photographing a bride in her house or a condo. Firstly, if you didn’t have an engagement session with me (which I think you totally should! Check out this blog post and see why), seeing the place where you live gives me a clearer idea of your personal style and tells me something about you. If I see that your house has a lot of classical elements, I will keep your wedding photographs this way: elegant, timeless and classy. On the other hand, if your house features modern and hip decor, I will try to find a location that reflects your adventurous side in your wedding photos.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like taking bride getting ready photos in a hotel! There are a lot of beautiful hotel rooms in the city and I love that many of them feature tons of natural light. It’s really good if the hotel of your choice reflects your overall wedding day and sets the tone for all the other locations to come. For example, if you’re getting married in a castle, choosing a hotel with Victorian interior design and classical elements in its decor will look gorgeous in photos. Alternatively, if you’re getting married in an urban, industrial setting, choosing a modern and chic hotel might be a great idea so that your wedding photos are cohesive and help tell the story of your big day.