3 Different Types of MANGO Wedding AlbumsPossibly the BEST wedding albums in town

I love it when our couples turn their wedding photos into beautiful, timeless, printed wedding albums. The wedding only lasts a few hours, but the photos last for generations. It’s easy to leave your wedding photos on a USB drive, but a printed photo is tangible and real. When it’s tucked away in some folder on your computer, it ceases to remind you of its existence. Your wedding photos should never be a vague memory, so printing your wedding album is a great idea to keep your memories alive and fresh. To me, a wedding album is truly an heirloom, something to pass down to my children and their children to show them where they came from. That is why I get excited every time our clients ask me about wedding albums! Here at Mango Studios, we take great pride into sourcing, designing and delivering the BEST wedding albums in town, and today I decided to share what we have in store for you, once you said your “I Do’s”.

1. Mango Coffee Table Book

We strive to capture your wedding day in its entirety, and your wedding photos completely come together when they are printed in our Mango Coffee Table Book. Printed on thick, ultra-matte paper, this wedding album features vibrant ink and is super nice to hold in your hands. It comes with a custom linen or buckram cover and one line of beautifully embossed text. Carefully designed by our designated team of designers, these albums are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Album info:
20pg, 30pg, or 40pg
14″ x 11″ Coffee Table Book (Horizontal Rectangle)
Ultra Matte Photo Paper
Linen or Buckram Cover + One line of embossed text

2. Signature Fine Art Album

This wedding album is simply a stunning piece. Printed on archival paper that is used by art galleries and museums thanks to its amazing image permanence, our Signature Fine Art album preserves your wedding photos for generations to come. Featuring a smooth, matte finish, this album has a timeless quality that cannot be matched. 

Album info:
40pg or 50 pg
11″ x 14″ Fine Art Album (Vertical Rectangle)
Fine art giclee paper
Covers in natural linen, silk or buckram 

3. Limited Edition Book

You will find a true art form in our Limited Edition Books. Each book combines our visual artistry with premium grade printing and paper, designed with our team’s great care and an eye for design. This exquisite flush mount album gives a timeless sense of beauty and refinement and is perfect for clients who are looking to have their memories preserved in the finest way.

Album info:
20pg or 30 pg
12″ x 12″ Coffee Table Book (Square)
Ultra Matte Photo Paper
Linen or Buckram Cover + One line of embossed text

Once you place an order for an album, our designers will create a digital design of your album that will showcase your wedding photos in a most beautiful way. We take composition, colors and framing into consideration when we put your wedding photos together. We strive for perfection in everything we do, and our album design process is no exception. Being storytellers first and foremost, our team’s goal is to tell a complete story of your wedding day in photos and lay it out beautifully within an album. Laying out the spreads is so much fun – being able to pair moments together as we remembered them, and creating a series of photos really brings them to life. As a result, we present a stunning story of your wedding day, filled with heart and a love of our craft. 

If you’re interested in printing your wedding album, please contact us here and we will be happy to assist in any way!