Bright And Colourful Casa Loma WeddingJesse & Glenn





This bright and colorful Casa Loma wedding is the ultimate inspiration. It was so much fun to hang out with these two and spend the entire day together as Jesse and Glenn are one of the most outgoing, fun-loving and all in all incredible souls I’ve ever met! Glenn is a professor of Law at Harvard University and Jesse is a creative director and a founder of a virtual reality experience tech company. They met in 2013 in Madrid while traveling on their work assignments. After two months of messaging back and forth, they met for the first time in Vancouver, and the rest is history!

Their wedding day was filled with laughter, tears of joy and pure happiness, and this is why I love being a wedding photographer in the first place. The most important things in the world for me are family, community, and love. This is what I get to witness every weekend and I am able to live my passions through my work. Jesse and Glenn are passionate, full of life and ridiculously photogenic, don’t you think? It was a bit gloomy on their wedding day, that is why I kept most of the photographs indoors. Luckily, Casa Loma has plenty of beautiful spots both indoors and outdoors. You only need to know where to look! I have been at Casa Loma multiple times and I can confidently say that I know it by heart. When we saw that it started showering outside, I immediately took Jesse and Glenn to my favorite Casa Loma photo locations. The dark wood and gothic architectural lines made for some really cool, moody backdrops and I especially love the black and white wedding photos from inside Casa Loma. When it stopped raining we went outside for some bright and soft wedding portraits. As a result, Jesse and Glenn had a nice variety of moods in their photo coverage to choose their favorite photos!

When it came to the wedding day events, there were a few things that really stood out to me. I love it when my couples fully customize their wedding day, making it ever so personal to who they are as a couple. Jesse and Glenn made some really cool wedding day choice, that I’m listing below:

1. All white bridesmaids outfits

There’s something very symbolic about bridesmaids wearing all white. A white gown traditionally stands for purity of the mind and intentions, and it was great to see all white bridesmaids outfits at this beautiful Casa Loma wedding. As Jesse and Glenn’s bridesmaids walk down the aisle, their all-white outfits brought something really beautiful to the wedding and I loved how Jesse and Glenn tastefully mismatched their gowns.

2. Getting ready together

Jesse and Glen got ready together in the Casa Loma’s bridal suite and it was very romantic. There’s something deeply moving to couples helping each other to get ready for the wedding. If you decide to get ready together, there would be no First Look, but I still love how intimate and emotional it looks in photos. You can feel the thrill and anticipation in the air and it powers your wedding photos with some great energy!

3. Colourful florals!

White and blush might be the most popular color choice when it comes to florals, but I really love it when my couples choose bright colors for their wedding decor. Jessie and Glenn opted for deep burgundy flowers and yellow floral accents for their wedding ceremony and reception decor, and it brought an exciting pop of color to Casa Loma’s beautiful rooms.

As the wedding day came to an end, Jesse and Glenn invited everyone to join them on a terrace to watch the Canada Day fireworks. You can imagine my excitement when I learned that the fireworks will come out of the CN Tower! As Canada celebrated 150 years of confederation, Jesse and Glenn celebrated the beginning of their married life together. It was pure perfection! Jesse and Glenn, thank you for making me a part of your special day. I wish much love and happiness to you both!

  • Casa Loma is a grand spot that features incredible gardens and a rich Toronto history, which is the best place to take wedding photography.

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