Outdoor Wedding Photography: Jessica and ChrisWhimsical, Outdoor Wedding Photography

Outdoor wedding photography by Mango Studios
There’s something about this whimsical, outdoor wedding photography that is giving me all the feels. Jessica and Chris are not only one of the most open-hearted people I know, they are also one of the most caring and loving couple’s I’ve met. Outdoor wedding photography was a must for her but before we get into the photos, here’s what Jessica had to say about their relationship:
“Our adventure began a long time ago, and there are so many insignificant moments, tiny fractions of time, that have helped shaped our love story. These forgotten memories are what keep me moving forward. Not those big, passionate, or explosive showings of love. Its the morning yawns and bad breath, the coffee dates and evening strolls, the wrinkles from smiling too much, the slamming doors and ugly words when we’re mad, burned dinners and kitchen fails, restless nights and warm embraces – all these little moments that got lost over the years is what inspires me. My wedding is a symbol of every feeling and memory, tear and laugh, that we had together over the years.”

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Jessica and Chris started dating in high school, at the age of 17. They practically grew into their adult lives together, and I could really feel that special connection both in their engagement session and on their wedding day.

“It’s incredible that nine years has already passed. Nine years of overwhelming memories” – says Jessica about their relationship. “We already have celebrated almost a decade of Easters, Christmases, and birthdays, Thanksgivings and anniversaries. We have been on nine years worth of vacations. We have had nine years of laughter (and fights!). We have both gained new families, with new parents and siblings. Our lives are connected beyond anything we could have imagined when we were 17. There are very few memories that we have that don’t include each other. Together, we have experienced our biggest accomplishments and our biggest failures. It seems that we already have shared a lifetime together before even saying “I do”.

Despite our profound love and understanding of each other, we now feel like we are on the brink of something new and exciting. We are at the beginning of our own happily ever after. Our marriage to each other is a reflection of what we have overcome, and a symbol of our hopes and dreams of our future. For the first time in our lives we actually don’t know what is coming around the corner. But we are ready to find out.”

We started photographing their wedding day at Jessica’s sister’s place as girls popped champagne. The weather was really iffy so we crossed our fingers crossed and hoped for sun. Jessica’s mom and sister helped put on her beautiful Watters dress and we headed to church for the most emotional part of the day. St. Mary’s Church was filled with anticipation and thrill of the upcoming ceremony. Everything became quiet as Jessica started walking down the aisle, and I could literally hear Chris’ heartbeat as he stood there waiting for her on the other end. Tears were dropped and quiet laughter filled the space as the two exchanged their vows and tied the knot a few minutes later. The photo of them exiting the church with their happy faces and Jessica’s bright, open smile is one of my all-time favourite wedding photographs!

I took the entire bridal party to a special spot not too far away from The Manor for their bridal party and creative photos. Having photos in a field was a must have for Jessica and we had to make it happen for her. After torrential rain during the ceremony, the sky opened up for us and we had the most beautiful afternoon photo shoot. I loved how the summer grass complemented bridesmaid’s blush pink dresses, and their pretty bouquets looked lovely against the field’s background. We then spent a few minutes with just the two of them to conclude their photo session with the bride and groom’s creative photographs. The afternoon sun was perfect for their warm, wedding portraits. Whenever I’m shooting, I’m always looking for this type of soft, luminous natural light. It starts with assessing the location and finding spots where the light is the most flattering. Mango Studios is famous for its use of natural light, and I’m always capitalizing on it every time I am at weddings. Once I spot the most beautiful light, I’m gently encouraging my couples to move towards it to take portraits. The result is always glowing portraits full of gold, soft light – I just love it!

Jessica and Chris, I don’t know where to begin to thank you for making me apart of your wedding day. You’ve made me feel like part of your family and a dear friend. I wish you long, joyous years of marriage and lots of happy moments together.