A Winter Engagement Session

Ok, so it can be sort of challenging to photograph a winter engagement session for a couple in love when it’s -15 outside, but there are plenty of creative ways to tackle the cold and still get the best engagement photos ever! For example: Your home. Your perfect space away from the world. Especially during the cold winter months, there’s nothing we like more than to see you warm and cozy in your own home. Maxine and Andrew snuggled up with a cup of tea, their favourite furry friends and spent the afternoon just hanging out.  We did however make our way out to cold.  But we went prepared with a super warm blanket and had Maxine and Andrew snuggle up with each other in the snow.   So I say to couples who don’t mind a little cold, a winter engagement session can be awesome!  There is something so magical about the snowy winter.  I love snow for the same reason I love Christmas.  It brings people together while time stands still.  Cozy couples lazily meander the streets and children trudge sleds and chase snowballs.  No one is in a rush to experience anything other than the glory of the day, with each other, whenever and how ever it happens.

Below are my top 3 reason to do a winter engagement session:

1. Be unique:  There are only a select few that have the courage to put on some warm clothes and spend an hour shooting in the cold.  These kinds of sessions are far and few in between.  Everyone does a summer/ fall engagement session but winter engagement sessions aren’t very common.

2. Great Winter activities to photograph:  Who doesn’t love the snow?  Doing a winter activity like ice skating, sledding, or just having a snowball fight adds a majorly playful vibe to your pictures.

3.  Winter weather calls for winter snuggles: Nervous about taking photos? Feel awkward about PDA?  Let Your Love Keep You Warm. Cold winter weather makes couple naturally hold and kiss each other to keep each other warm allowing for more natural photos.


Maxine-Andrew-TitleMango_Maxine+Andrew-19Mango_Maxine+Andrew-03 Mango_Maxine+Andrew-02 Mango_Maxine+Andrew-05  Mango_Maxine+Andrew-06 Mango_Maxine+Andrew-07 Mango_Maxine+Andrew-08 Mango_Maxine+Andrew-09 Mango_Maxine+Andrew-10 winter engagement session Mango_Maxine+Andrew-12 Mango_Maxine+Andrew-13 Mango_Maxine+Andrew-14 Mango_Maxine+Andrew-15 Mango_Maxine+Andrew-16 Mango_Maxine+Andrew-17 Mango_Maxine+Andrew-18