Top 10 Not So Cheesy Wedding Photo Locations in TorontoUnique Wedding Photo Locations For Your Wedding

As a wedding photographer, I’m constantly roaming the city looking for rad wedding photo locations. Having been in the industry for over 12 years (!), I find that it’s easy to stick to tried-and-true spots that are guaranteed to yield great wedding photos, like U of T or Casa Loma. However, my adventurous heart always keeps me on my toes in terms of trying to find the ABSOLUTE most unique and unexpected wedding photo locations. So here it is. I’m presenting my Top 10 Wedding Photo Locations for your wedding that do not scream cheese.

Rooftop at Thompson Hotel provides for some pretty cool wedding photos

1. Thompson Hotel

Iconic for a reason, the CN Tower is the flagship structure of our city, and is viewable from pretty much every corner in downtown. However, not all views are as epic as the view from the rooftop at Thompson Hotel. We happen to know just the right angle to get the double view of the city through glass, and BAM! you have yourself the most picturesque and unique frame to include your wedding photo album.

Features: Clean lines, epic skyline views, abundant natural light
Permit: Yes

Downtown Toronto wedding photos can look ever so elegant

2. St. Lawrence Market

I love taking our couples to the St. Lawrence Market area thanks to the variety of wedding photos you can make out of it. Best part? No permit is required, and you can spend as much time as you need strolling through all the little, photogenic alleyways.

Mix of old and new architectural styles, relaxed vibe and plenty of secret little alleyways.
Permit: Nope

Grandstone Hotel wedding photos are full of mystery and romance

3. Gladstone Hotel

The Gladstone Hotel is as picturesque as it can possibly get. Filled with old school nostalgia, pretty, moody light and a chic, yet cozy atmosphere, this hotel is one of my favourite spots to shoot at. Take a few photos inside the hotel’s photogenic lobby and head over to Queen St West to get some urban-inspired frames.

Features: Photogenic walls, cozy atmosphere and cool art all over the place
Permit: Comes with a room or venue rental package

Distillery District wedding photos can be so pretty and unique

4. Distillery District

Our couples love Distillery District for its cobblestone and turn-of-the-century, industrial buildings. There is, however, so much more to this beloved wedding photography location. Every time I’m taking a walk among its little alleys, I’m spotting new places to take my couples to. Take this ivy-covered blue/green wall for example – isn’t it so cool?

Features: Photogenic brick buildings, occasional ivy-covered walls and plenty of picture-worthy secret nooks.
Permit: Yes

West Queen West is one of my favourite spots to take wedding photos

5. West Queen West

Words cannot describe how deeply and madly in love I am with West Queen West. Voted as the world’s second hippest neighbourhood by Vogue, this area features TONS of quirky streets, graffiti walls and charismatic corners if you only know where to look.

Secret streets, one-of-a-kind townhouses and lots of bright pops of colour.
Permit: No!

I love taking wedding portraits by the lake.

6. The Beaches

Escape from the wedding day’s hustle and bustle, and enjoy a quiet moment by the lake. Nothing soothes one’s mind like being near the water, and taking pictures by the lake has proven to take away from any wedding day worries.

Features: Sandy beach, plenty of natural light and a meditative effect of splattering water.
Permit: No

King West is full of pretty secret nooks to take wedding photos

7. King West

Another one that is nearly impossible to spot unless you know exactly where to find it. King West features amazing, NYC inspired nooks and rad mural walls if you keep your eyes open and learn to notice all the photogenic spots. Ranging from chic, glamorous alleyways to cool, urban streets, King West is your go-to choice if you’re looking for city inspired wedding photos.

Features: Chic restaurant facades, pretty neon lights and NYC-inspired firescapes.
Permit: Nope

Bathurst bridge wedding photos are very modern and cool

8. Bathurst Street

This thoroughfare that runs above the railways on Front St offers stellar views of the downtown core. Nothing speaks TO as loudly as this busy spot. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous you can cross the bridge for some coolest wedding photos.

Features: Industrial vibe, awesome CN Tower views and a bustling city’s atmosphere
Permit: No

Streets of Toronto are full of photogenic spots to take wedding photos

9. Spadina Ave

I love taking my couples to Spadina Ave for some fun, downtown-inspired wedding photos. I love how contrasting the streetcars are against the bride’s white dress , and the juxtaposition of fancy wedding clothes versus busy streets is just to die for.

Features: Iconic streetcars, busy streets and dramatic lines.
Permit: No 

Moody light and dramatic lines of downtown Toronto make for some cool wedding photos

10. St. Andrew Station

Situated not too far from St. Andrew station, there is a row of photogenic theatres that has simply won my heart. This spot is ideal for couples who are looking for those busy city shots, but also want their photos to be on more of an elegant side.

Features: Moody light, elegant architecture and pretty city lights
Permit: Nope

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