Views: Top 10 Awesome Toronto Photography Locations Part 3Check out these engagement photo locations in the GTA

Sunset engagement photos at Polson Pier in Toronto

Hola! It’s that time of the year again and I’m hitting you up with a fresh list of the most amazing Toronto photography locations for engagement pics.

Our previous two posts on the same subject were and still are MEGA popular. You probably already have seen them, but if you haven’t check out Part 1 and Part 2 before reading.

All done? Great!

As wedding and engagement photographers, we have made finding new photogenic spots our job, so I thought it’d be nice to add some of our team’s new favorite locations to the list.

Here are another Top 10 Awesome Toronto Photography Locations to take engagement pictures, Part 3:

Bluffer’s Park Beach

Bluffer's Park Beach is one of the best Toronto photography locations for engagement pictures

Spacious, intimate and oh-so-photogenic, Bluffer’s Park Beach beach has been our favorite engagement photo location alternative to the picturesque Scarborough Bluffs. Why? In addition to being simply beautiful, it earned major points for not being so crowded. Bring a cute beach blanket, a pair of sunglasses and your best summer outfit – you’re on for one of the best engagement shoot experiences out there!

Features: Acres of sand and crisp blue water
Permit: Nope!
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: Avoid weekends as it might be full of sunbathers

Spadina House

Spadina House engagement photos in Toronto

Listen up, Spadina House is a gem when it comes to Toronto photography locations. The historic building acts as a romantic background transporting your engagement photos to a beautiful countryside. No one will believe that your engagement photos were taken in the heart of Toronto. The mansion features a photogenic garden, plenty of charming ivy-covered walls and even a small vineyard! Should I say more?

Features: All of the above plus Victorian-era architecture
Permit: All yours with a permit
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: Early afternoon is the best time to shoot here

Polson Pier

Romantic engagement photo shoot at Polson Pier in Toronto

In our humble opinion, Polson Pier is an underrated engagement photo location. In the meantime, this sweet spot offers one of the best views of Toronto skyline I’ve ever seen! The calm blue waters lend for a romantic and relaxed feel, while the endless row of sky-high skyscrapers gives your photos a modern and polished look. All in all, it would be a great engagement shoot spot for a modern couple who is looking to add a bit of old-school romance to their prenup-pics.

Features: A charming wooden deck and astonishing views of the city
Permit: No!
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: The golden hour has proven to be the best time to shoot here.  

Your Workplace!

Bright and airy engagement photos in Toronto

Ok, I know it’s a bit vague, but why not take your engagement pictures inside a building where you work! Whether it’s an industrial looking start-up space or a sleek business center, it could look pretty awesome and super unique. I can think of many cool spots off the top of my head: TD Court, Imperial Bank of Canada, Toronto General Hospital. There are many other office buildings in downtown Toronto that feature surprisingly photogenic interiors. Do not discard your workplace as a potential photography location and just let your imagination run wild.

Features: Familiar location and surprisingly photogenic spots you weren’t aware of!
Permit: No
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: On the weekends or after business hours

Guild Park and Gardens

Guild Park is one of the best Toronto photography locations for engagement photos

Guild Park and Gardens has been the hot new spot for engagement and wedding photography ever since the Guild Inn Estates opened its doors in 2017. There are a number of reasons why so many couples opt for this location. With its Greek-like structures, pretty gardens, blooming flowers and an adjacent wild forest, it makes for one of the most unique and versatile Toronto photography locations out there. 

Features: Greek structures that transform you into the fairytale land
Permit: Yes
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: Late weekday afternoons seem to be the optimal time to shoot there.

Dark Horse Espresso Bar

Coffee shop engagement photos in Toronto


A lot has been said about cozy coffee shop engagement sessions and they will always have a special place in my photographer heart. However, the Front St. location of the famous Dark Horse chain takes your coffee shop pics to the whole new level. On top of being super cute, it features the stylish interior design, cool furniture, and floor to ceiling windows that let the abundance of natural light in. I also love its marble tabletops and cute sofa pillows, making your engagement photos feel light, cozy and intimate.

Features: White elegant walls, photogenic furniture and good coffee of course!
Permit: No
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: Early mornings tend to be the best time

St. James Park

St. James Park is a perfect engagement photo location

St. James Park is as elegant and romantic as it can get. Featuring lush leafy trees, stunning Gothic architecture, beautiful flower gardens with a wonderful fountain in the middle of it, this park has been attracting couples looking for a quiet photogenic place to take their engagement pics. With its walking proximity to the infamous Flatiron Building and the St. Lawrence Market makes for a pleasant hour stroll with your engagement photographer.

Features: Tall leafy trees, a photogenic fountain and lots of flowers
Permit: No
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: Early afternoons during weekdays

University of Toronto Campus

Romantic engagement photos at University of Toronto campus

Ever wanted to take romantic pictures in Europe without leaving Toronto? The University of Toronto is arguably one of the most popular engagement photo locations in the city for that reason! With its stunning Gothic architecture, the beautiful campus has a romantic vibe that transports you to a charming European village without ever leaving the city. I also love how it’s so endlessly photogenic, no matter how many times our photographers shoot there, it never ever gets old.

Features: Stunning architecture, cobblestone walkways, beautiful gardens and romance all around
Permit: Yes!
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: Early evenings on weekdays

Kortright Centre For Conservation

Kortright Centre for Conservation is on e of the most scenic engagement photo locations in Toronto

What’s green, romantic, wide and pretty? That’s right – Kortright Centre for Conservation! Once you get a permit to shoot at this beautiful location, you instantly get access to acres of spectacular forests, vast fields, and the Insta-famous pine trees area! Celebrate your love in the splendor of nature and make sure to book your Kortright Centre engagement session in advance, as it quickly fills out in the summer. I love that this location is pretty versatile. Minimalist and modern or rustic and romantic – it can appear either way depending on how you dress!

Features: Wild forest, lush trees, rolling fields, and a whole ton of beautiful
Permit: Yes!
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: Early afternoons on weekdays

Humber River

Scenic Humber River engagement photos in Toronto

Humber River doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. Nestled amongst the forest and serene river, is a perfect engagement shoot location for anyone looking to stray off the beaten path. Removed from the lively picnic areas it provides for much-welcomed privacy while allowing you to be at one of the most scenic natural areas in the city. There’s a small boat rental shop located next to the Old Mill Station and I would recommend using their services to take your “glamping” (glamour camping) photos to the next level. 

Features: Calm river, untamed forest, plenty of wild birds and a lot of romance
Permit: Nope
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: Early evenings on weekdays