Why We Do What We Do: Why Your Wedding Pictures are SO ImportantThis heartfelt letter changed our life. See why.

There are so many reasons to why your wedding pictures are so important. The final pictures are going to mean different things to different people, and I promise I could go on and on talking about the value of professional wedding photography. However, today I’d like to put my professional hat aside, and talk about what makes wedding pictures so important to me personally.

The answer is very simple: I truly love creating long-lasting memories that tell a story of someone’s family life. A few years back, I received a heartfelt email from one of our brides and it has stuck with me to this day. It reminds me why it is I do what I do. Below is her beautiful note that I’m posting with her permission:

“Dear Mango Team,

This may be a bit of an unusual email to receive, but I wanted to send it anyway.  

My Dad has been battling cancer for a while, but had suddenly taken a terrible downturn in the last few weeks. One thing that has brought my family joy during this difficult time are the photos that Mango Studios took for my wedding. The portraits that you took of my dad in his library, among all his toy planes, are the most beautiful photos that we’ve ever seen of my dad. You captured his essence, and his strength, and we were so proud to have them as part of our photo display at home. Looking at his portrait has really helped me to picture him the way he was back then.  

I really am so grateful to you for giving us these lovely photos to remember him by.

Thank you.
Jessica “

Emotional photos of the father of the bride remind me why I do what I do Emotional photo of the father of the bride on the morning of the weddingEmotional picture of the father of the bride on the morning of the weddingThese emotional photos of the father of the bride remind me why I do what I doFather of the bride holding his plane toys on the morning of the weddingFather of the Bride holding his plane toys on the morning of the weddingA family portrait on the wedding day

I strongly believe that memory is both preserved and sometimes even created through our experience with photographs. I chose to be a wedding photographer because I regard this ability to document the memories of someone’s life as a true privilege. Through your wedding pictures you not only collect the memories of the day, but also of the people that were present around you. These portraits of your family and guests become a historic record of your family history, of YOUR history. It’s very powerful.

These photos are a long term investment and their value shows as they become a testament to the lives of the people you love. When Jessica sent me this email, I couldn’t help but look back at the wedding pictures taken that day. I’m very glad that we had the time to take portraits of her dad, sitting at his study surrounded by the things he loved. It only took us a few minutes to get them, however in time, these small moments became a very important part of Jessica’s family memory. It’s crazy to think about.

Our recollection of events and people might not always be reliable as time passes. That is why these wedding photographs act as an anchor point to our memory and need to be protected at all times. It might not always be possible to think this far into the future, especially with all the important things happening on your wedding day. My biggest piece of advice would be to try to keep it in mind – your family history is being created on this day and I want you to slow down and recognize each moment’s beauty. Spend time with your loved ones and share your happiness with them. As time passes, these are going to be the most cherished moments of your life.

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