Tips for Awesome Wedding Poses on Your Wedding DayGet to know your best angels for your big day

Stopping traffic on the wedding day A bride and groom enjoying a quiet moment in the heart of Toronto during their wedding portraitsStopping for a quick kiss in downtown Toronto Loved taking wedding portraits in downtown TorontoCan't decide what I love more: the bride's gorgeous smile or how perfect they look together!Move, don't pose on your wedding day!We will never get tired of classic city portraits!The best thing to hold on is to each otherDowntown Toronto wedding pictures always give the right feels! Tulle skirts and staircases are made for each other Skyscrapers and stairs look great in wedding pictures!
There’s only one secret recipe to mastering effortless wedding poses, but before I reveal it to you, I want to take a step back. A wedding is a highly anticipated, milestone event. You’ve found your Mr or Mrs Right, a person you’re head-over-heels for and whom you’ll share your entire life with. Isn’t it crazy? You’ll feel elation that your wedding day is finally here and all your preparation and sleepless nights have come to fruition. You’ll look madly in love because you are about to marry your best friend and you will radiate happiness. Now this energy, YOUR energy, is the only ingredient to the effortless wedding poses recipe, and I’ll tell you why.

Over our 12 years in the wedding industry, we have developed a technique to creating flawless wedding portraits coverage. This is part technical technique and part creative approach. It uses your elevated energy to capture some of the greatest, candid and natural-looking wedding portraits you see on our blog and wedding publication features. The heart of this style is to not stop you at any moment or section of the day. When it comes to wedding portraits we will ask you to move, not pose, interact with your partner, smile and laugh. It eliminates any thoughts of wondering what you should be doing or looking like. It prompts you to be cheerful and natural, thus looking effortless.

Now as any wedding photographer does, we have our bag of tricks and tips to help you look as effortless as possible. One of those things is getting to know you, what you like, what you don’t like, what music you listen to and what movies you enjoy watching. We’d like to know your unique personality, so when it comes to guiding you during your creative photography section we are able to give directions based on what we already know about you and who you are as a couple. You will also find us leading you towards better wedding poses, never pushing you, and you won’t even notice how we did it. Among those cues, these are one of my favourites:

1. Prompting you to move! Whether it’s walking, dancing or showing off your dress, moving during your wedding portraits section will result in one of the most candid and natural-looking photographs from your wedding day.

2. Laughing. Every couple has their inside jokes and I love seeing my couples making each other laugh. I won’t interrupt! Tell jokes, be tickly and be playful. It all looks good on camera.

3. Prompting you to be doing something. I’m a big fan of having my couples physically depend on each other, like holding hands or leading one another’s way. These are relatively easy things that work wonders and put anyone at ease.

You’re already looking your best self, and there is no real need to be worrying about how you look, let us take care of that. What I want you to do is to be in the moment, soaking up the love and thrill of your wedding day. A wedding is an ultimate highlight of your life to date, so taste it, bathe in it and have all the joy of it. As you radiate happiness, it will be front and centre in your wedding poses. Your wedding photographer will be able to see how deep in love you are and it’s only going to be enhanced in your wedding photography coverage. Trust me, a camera is able to pick up on your great energy and translate it into some of the most natural looking wedding poses.

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