Wedding trends 2017: Stylish Bridesmaid DressesModern, stylish and trendy!

What are the top wedding trends of 2017? As a wedding photographer who has photographed hundreds of beautiful weddings, I can say that variety is a hot topic in 2017! From a wide range of wedding dresses to a huge array of pretty bridesmaids gowns, the weddings of 2017 are all about style and color galore.

Bridal party attire is often chosen as a reflection of the couple’s overall wedding style and theme, and I love seeing a huge variety of styles, colors, and textures.

As a wedding photographer, I love it when the bridesmaid dresses look organic and complement the wedding photography location and its surroundings. Are you having a boho-inspired wedding in the woods? Flowing, floor-length dresses with floral prints will photograph really well! Are you planning a chic city wedding on a hotel rooftop? Elegant, sleek-silhouette bridesmaid dresses will always look great in urban wedding photos.

The mix-and-match bridesmaid dress trend is very strong this year, and I see it evolving into something super fun and unique. From ombre colors to variations of a central theme (a roaring 1920s bash, anyone?) this bridal party style surely makes a statement and adds an interesting visual element to the wedding party portraits. For those who prefer a more traditional, uniform look there are all kinds of chic, streamlined bridal party styles that please everyone in the bridal party and look super sleek in wedding photos.

Whether you’re a boho-bride or a city glam girl, I’m sure you’ll get inspired by my collection of Top 10 Stylish Bridesmaid Dresses we have photographed that make up some of the hottest wedding trends in 2017. Enjoy!

Black leather bridesmaids outfit
Black leather jackets look fabulous on anyone and keep your bridal party warm during your Winter wedding photo session.

Tulle skirt, two-piece bridesmaid dresses
Katie and her girls looked straight out of a fairytale in their tulle, watercolour skirts! Tulle adds a beautiful texture to your wedding photos while making your bridesmaids look like magical fairies.  

Blue, sleek bridesmaid dresses
I loved the chic, streamlined look of Michelle’s beautiful bridesmaid dresses. Bonus point? This type of a bridesmaid gown looks as good in University of Toronto photos as it does in downtown city portraits!

Mint, boho bridesmaid dresses
Jessica and her bridesmaids opted for a boho look for her and Victor’s Kortright Centre wedding in the woods, and it was a perfect choice! I especially loved how well the dresses photographed against those bright and earthy blooms.

Red bridesmaid dresses
These crimson bridesmaid dresses are lit! I love how bright they look against the dark green background in High Park, and give Elmira’s wedding photos a nice pop of color.

knee-length, summer bridesmaid dresses
Break from tradition and dress your girls in knee-length dresses for a relaxed summer wedding. I loved how Sarah’s bridesmaids mix and matched their cocktail dresses adding an interesting visual element for their bridal party photos.

Dove grey bridesmaid dresses
An ombre look is perfect for bridesmaids who don’t want to be matchy-matchy, but still want to preserve a sense of cohesiveness. These shades of dove grey bridesmaid gowns look ever so effortlessly chic in wedding photos!

Black maxie bridesmaids dresses
Black maxies will never go out of style! Christina and her girls looked fabulous in their mix-and-match gowns that photographed perfectly against Casa Loma’s classic background.

Floral bridesmaid dresses
Whether you opt for bold hues or pastel watercolors, floral bridesmaid dresses are always elegant, feminine and look SO unique in wedding photographs.

Blush and peach bridesmaid dresses
Capture a timeless look with these soft toned bridesmaids dresses that are both minimalist and classy. Erin and her bridesmaids look irresistible in their blush gowns against the sun kissed Florentine backdrop!